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Ma  Mai  Mar  Mart  Mas  McA  McH  Me  Mer  Mi  Mim  Mo  Moo  Mor  Mu

Doctor Mudd, Treated John Wilkes Booth's broken leg; Dr. Samuel Alexander Mudd (Charles County, Maryland 20 December 1833 - 10 January 1883). "His name was Mudd"

Muggs, Rapper; Lawrence Muggerud (Los Angeles January 28, 1968).

Elijah Muhammad, Religious leader, Elijah Poole, (USA, 1897-1975).

Muhammad Ali, Boxer, Cassius Marcellus Clay (USA 1942), Adopted new name for religious reasons.

Jean Muir, Actor; Jean Muir Fullarton (New York City 13 February 1911 - 23 July 1996).

Maria Muldaur, Singer, Maria Grazia Rosa Domenica D'Amato, (New York City 12 September 1943).

Shirley Muldowney, Drag car racer, Shirley Roque, (USA, 1940).

Carey Mulligan, Actor; Carey Hannah Mulligan (Westminster, London, England 28 May 1985).

Brian Mulroney, Prime Minister of Canada 1984-93; Martin Brian Mulroney (Baie-Comeau, Québec 20 March 1939).

Bill Mumy, Actor; Charles William Mumy, Jr. (San Gabriel, California 1 February 1954). Appeared as Billy Mumy in child roles.

Baron Munchhausen, Soldier and teller of tall tales; Karl Friedrich Hieronymus, Freiherr von Münchhausen (Bodenwerder, Germany 11 May 1720 - 22 February 1797).

Misty Mundae,
Movie actor;

Erin DeWright
East St. Louis, Illinois 16 October 1979
She is now making films as Erin Brown.

Drea de Matteo, Actor

Paul Muni, Meshilem Meier Weisenfreund, Actor, (Ukraine, 1895-1967).

Janet Munro, Actor; Janet Neilson Horsburgh (Blackpool, England 28 September 1934 - 6 December 1972). She starred in several Disney movies during the sixties.

Ona Munson, Actor, Owena Wolcott, (USA, 1906-1955).

Mardie Murie, Conservationist; Margaret Murie (Seattle, Washington 18 August 1902 - 19 October 2003).

Rupert Murdoch, Media owner, Keith Rupert Murdoch (US, discarded Australian birthright in order to expand in USA).

Brittany Murphy, Actor; Brittany Bertolotti (Atlanta, Georgia10 November 1977). Also known as Brittany Anne Murphy.

George Murphy, Actor, dancer, and politician; George Lloyd Murphy (New Haven, Connecticut 4 July 1902 - 3 May 1992).

Anne Murray, Singer; Morna Anne Murray (Springhill, Nova Scotia 20 june 1945).

Arthur Murray, Dancer; Arthur Teichman (New York 4 April 1895 - 3 March 1991 ). Other sources have Murray Teichman, Arthur Moses Teichman.

Bill Murray, Actor; William James Murray (Wilmette, Illinois 21 September 1950).

Jan Murray, television host; Murry Janofsky (Bronx, New York City 4 October 1917).

Kathryn Murray, Television dance teacher; née Kathryn Kohnfelder (Jersey City, New Jersey 15 September 1906 - 16 August 1998).

Ken Murray, Comedian, actor; Don Court (New York City 14 July 1903 - 12 October 1988).

Mae Murray, Actor; Marie Adrienne Koenig (Portsmouth, Virginia 10 May 1889 - 23 March 1965).

Edward R. Murrow, Radio and Television host (Person to Person), Egbert Roscoe Murrow, (USA, 1908-1965).

Lorenzo Music, Actor; Gerald David Music (Brooklyn 2 May 2, 1937 - 4 August 2001).

Edward Muybridge, Pioneer photographer, Edward James Muggeridge, (England, 1830-1904).

Mya, Singer and dancer; Mya Marie Harrison (Washington, DC 10 October 1979).

Dee Dee Myers, White House Press Secretary for Clinton; Margaret Jane Myers (Providence, Rhode Island 1 September 1961).

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