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Johann Vaaler, Inventor; Johann Vaaler (Aurskog, Norway 15 March 1866 ). Invented the paper clip. FAQ - Spelling

Brenda Vaccaro, Actor; Brenda Buell Vaccaro (New York 18 November 1939).

Roger Vadim, Movie director, Roger Vladimir Plemiannikov, (France, 1928-2000).

Vera Vague, Actor; Barbara Jo Allen (New York City 2 September 1908 - 14 September 1974).

Holly Valance, Actor; Holly Rachel Vukadinovic (New Zealand 11 May 1983).

Ricky Valance, Singer, David Spencer (Ynytsdon, South Wales 10 April 1940). 1960 UK No.1 single "Tell Laura I Love Her".

Jerry Vale, Singer; Genaro Louis Vitaliano (Bronx, New York 8 July 1932).

Richie Valens, Singer, Ricardo Valenzuela (Los Angeles, California, 13 May 1941- 3 February 1959).

Dino Valenti, Singer / songwriter; Chester Powers aka Chet Powers (New York 7 October 1943).

Gary Valentine, Comedian; Gary Joseph Knipfing (New York City, New York 22 November 1961). Brother of Kevin James

Valentino, Fashion designer; Valentino Garavani (Voghera, Italy 11 May 1932).

Rudolf Valentino, actor; Rodolfo Alfonzo Rafaelo Pierre Filibert Guglielmi di Valentina d'Antonguolla (Castellanetta, Apuglia, Italy 6 May 1895 - 23 August 1926). Variations on his name are common!

Paul Valéry, Author; Paul Valéry (France 1871 - 1945).

Rudy Vallee, Entertainer, Hubert Prior Vallee, (USA, 1901-1986).

Frankie Valli, Singer, Francis Castelluccio (USA, 1937).

Raf Vallone, Actor; Raffaele Vallone (Tropea, Calabria, Italy 17 February 1916 - 31 October 2002).

Dame Ninette de Valois Choreographer, Edris Stannus (1898). Dame Ninette was prima ballerina and founder of the Royal Ballet.

Bobby Van, Actor, musical performer, Bobby King Robert Stein, (USA, 1930-1980).

Lee Van Cleef, Actor; Clarence LeRoy Van Cleef, Jr. in (Somerville, New Jersey 9 January 1925 - 16 December 1989).

Jean-Claude Van Damme, Actor; Jean-Claude Van Varenberg (Brussels, Belgium 18 October 1960).

Dick Van Dyke, Actor; Richard Wayne Van Dyke (West Plains, Missouri 13 December 1925).

Jimmy Van Heusen, Composer and lyricist; Edward Chester Babcock (Syracuse, New York 26 January 1913 - 7 February 1990).

Dazzy Vance, Baseball pitcher; Clarence Arthur Vance (Orient, Iowa 4 March 1891 - 16 February 1961) .

Tommy Vance, Broadcaster; Richard Anthony Crispian Francis Prew Hope-Weston (Eynsham, Oxfordshire, England 11 July 1941 - 6 March 2005). Initially called himself Rick West; took the name Tommy Vance from a DJ who had failed to turn up after the station had paid to have jingles recorded.

Vivian Vance, Actor, Vivian Roberta Jones, (USA, 1909-1979).

Vangelis, Composer; Evangelos Odessey Papathanassiou (Valos, Greece 29 March 1943).

Vanilla Ice, Rapper, Robbie Van Winkle (USA).

Vanity, Actor; Denise Katrina Smith, also known as Denise Matthews, Denise Matthews-Smith, D.D. Winters (Niagra Falls, Ontario 4 January 1959).

Chad Varah, Founder of the Samaritans; Edward Chad Varah, CH, CBE (Glanford Brigg, Lincolnshire 12 November 1911 - 8 November 2007).

Victor Varconi, Silents and Talkies Actor, Mihaly Varkonyi, (Hungary, 1891-1976).

Nia Vardalos, Actor; Antonia Eugenia Vardalos (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 24 September 1962).

Vargas, Cartoonist; Joaquin Alberto Vargas y Chavez (Arequipa, Peru 9 February 1896 - 30 December 1982).

Frankie Vaughan, Singer; Frank Abelson (Liverpool 3 February 1928 - 17 September 1999).

Peter Vaughan, Actor, Peter Ohm (UK 1923).

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