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Isoroku Yamamoto, Admiral; Isoroku Takano Yamamoto (Kushigun Sonshomura, Hokkaido, Japan 4 April 1884 - 18 April 1943).

Weird Al Yankovic, Comedian, singer, writer; Alfred Matthew Yankovic (Lynwood, California 23 October 1959).

Jean Yanne, Actor, director; Jean Roger Gouyé (Paris 18 July 1933 - 23 May 2003).

Yanni, Musician; John Yanni Christopher, born Yanni Chrysomallis (Kalamata, Greece 14 November 1954).

Zal Yanovsky, Guitarist and singer; Zalman Yanovsky (Toronto 19 December 1944 - 13 December 2002). One of the 'Lovin' Spoonful'.

Cale Yarborough, Motor racer; William Caleb Yarborough (Timmonsville, South Carolina 27 March 1939).

Peter Yarrow, Singer; Peter Yarrow (New York City 31 May 1938). He was the 'Peter' in Peter, Paul and Mary.

Tom Yawkey, Industrialist and Major League Baseball executive; Thomas Austin (Detroit, Michigan 21 February 1903 - 9 July 1976).

Chuck Yeager, Test pilot; Charles Elwood Yeager (13 February 1923). First to break the sound barrier, flying the Bell X-1 on 14 October 1947.

Trisha Yearwood, Country singer; Patricia Lynn Yearwood (Monticello, Georgia 19 September 1964).

W. B. Yeats, Poet and nationalist; William Butler
William Butler Yeats (Dublin 13 June 1865 - 28 January 1939).

Michelle Yeoh, Beauty Queen (Miss Malaysia), then Actor; also known as Michelle Khan; Yáng Ziqióng or Yang Zi Chong (Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia 6 August 1962). Anglicizations of her names vary.

Alvin York, Soldier; Alvin Cullum York (Pall Mall, Tennessee 13 December 1887 - 2 September 1964).

Dick York, Actor; Richard Allen York (Fort Wayne, Indiana 4 September 1928 - 20 February 1992).

Michael York, Actor, Michael York-Johnson (England, 1942).

Susannah York, Actor; Susannah Yolanda Fletcher (England 1941).

Tina York, Painter, Brigitte Huhle (Germany, 1941).

Tina Yothers, Actor; Kristina Louise Yothers (Whittier, California 5 May 1973).

Young MC, Rapper; Marvin Young (London, England 10 May 1967).

Alan Young, Actor; Angus Young (North Shields, England 19 November 1919).

Burt Young, Actor; Jerry De Louise (New York 30 April 1940).

Chic Young, Cartoonist (Blondie), Murat Bernard Young, (USA, 1901-1973).

Cy Young, Baseball hall of famer, Denton True Young, (USA, 1867-1955).

Edward Young, Writer; Edward Young (1683-1765).

Gig Young, Actor, Byron Ellsworth Barr (St. Cloud, Minnesota 4 November 1913 - 19 October 1978).

Jesse Colin Young, Singer, composer, guitar; Perry Miller (New York 22 November 1941).

Loretta Young, Actor/Television host, Gretchen Michaela Young (USA, 1913-2000).

Sean Young, Actor; Mary Sean Young (Louisville, Kentucky 20 November 1959).

Sheila Young, Speed skater and sprint cyclist; née Sheila Grace Young, known as Sheila Young-Ochowicz following her marriage to Jim Ochowicz (Birmingham, Michigan 14 October 1950).

Steve Young, Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback; Jon Steven Young. (Salt Lake City, Utah 11 October 1961).

Bob Younger, Outlaw; Robert Ewing Younger (Missouri December 1853 - 16 September 1889).

Cole Younger, Outlaw; Tomas Coleman Younger (Lee's Summit, Missouri 15 January 1844 - 21 March 1916).

Jim Younger, Outlaw; James Hardin Younger (Harrisonville, Jackson County, Missouri 15 January 1848 - 19 October 1902).

John Younger, Outlaw; John Harrison Younger (Jackson County, Missouri 1851 - 16 March 1874).

Henny Youngman, Comedian; Henry Youngman (London, 16 March 1906 - 24 February 1998).

Cole Younger, Frontier bandit, Thomas Coleman Younger (USA, 1844-1916).

Biao Yuen, Martial arts Actor, Hsia Ling-Jun, (Hong Kong, 1957).

Timi Yuro, Singer; Rosemarie Timotea Yuro (Chicago 4 August 1940).

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