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Paolo Uccello, Painter, Paolo di Dono, (Italy 1396-1475).

Mo Udall, U.S. Congressman (30 years), Morris King Udall, (USA, 1922-1998).

Skeet Ulrich, Actor, Bryan Ray Trout, (Lynchburg, Virginia 20 January 1970). He was raised by his step-father, DK Ulrich.

Agaetha Ulvaeus, Singer (Abba), Agaetha Falkstog, (Sweden, 1950).

Uncle Kracker, DJ and rapper; Matthew Shafer (Michigan 6 June 1974).

The Undertaker, WWK Wrestler; Mark Calloway (USA 1962).

Ari Up, Singer (The Slits); Arianna Forster (1962).

Arthur William Upfield, Author (the Bony mysteries); William Arthur Upfield (Gosport, England, 1 September 1890 - 13 February 1964).

Midge Ure, Singer, James Ure (Cambuslang, Lanarkshire 10 October 1953).

Ali Suat Hayri Urguplu, Turkish Prime Minister, Ali Suat Hayri, (Turkey, 1903-1981).

Leonore Uric, Silents and Talkies Actor, Leonore Urich, (USA, 1892-1970).

Oderus Urungus, Vocalist GWAR, David Brockie, (USA, 1972).

Usher, Singer, Usher Raymond IV, (USA, 1979).

Sir Peter Ustinov, Actor; Peter Alexander Ustinov (England, 1921).

Utamaro, Artist (Japanese paint master), Kitagawa Utamaro, (Japan, 1753-1806).

Maurice Utrillo, Painter; Maurice Valadon, (Montmartre, Paris 25 December 1883 - 5 November 1955).

Johannes Marten den Uyl, Dutch Prime Minister, Joop den Uyl, (Netherlands, 1919-1987).

Jamie Uys, Movie Director/producer/editor, Jacobus Johannes Uys, (South Africa, 1921-1996).

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