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Bugs Moran, Gangster; George C. Moran (St. Paul, Minnesota 21 August 1891 - 25 February 1957).

Julie Moran, TV hostess; Julie Bryan (Thomasville, Georgia 11 January 1962). Has also appeared as Julie Bryan Moran.

Peggy Moran, Actor, Marie Jeanette Moran, (Clinton, Iowa 23 October 1918 - 25 October 2002). Known as “the Queen of Scream”.

Polly Moran, Silent and talkies Actor, Pauline Theresa Moran, (USA, 1883-1952).

Alberto Moravia, Novelist; Alberto Pincherle (Rome 28 November 1907 - 28 September 1990).

Eric Morecambe, Comedian, John Eric Bartholemew(England 1926-84). Adopted his birthplace in Lancashire. (see Wise)

Rita Moreno, Actor, Rosita Dolores Alverio, (Puerto Rico, 1931).

Chesty Morgan, Film actor; Lilian Wilczkowsky - stage name Zsa Zsa, in her greatest flick "Deadly Weapons" (Poland).

Dennis Morgan, Actor and Singer, Earl Stanley Morner (Prentice, Wisconsin 20 December 1908 - 7 september 1994).

Dermot Morgan, Actor and comedian; Dermot John Morgan (Dublin 3 March 1952 – 28 February 1998).

Frank Morgan, Actor, Francis Phillip Wupperman, (Wizard of Oz) (USA, 1890-1949).

Harry Morgan, Actor; Henry Bratsburg (Detroit, Michigan 10 April 1915). Original stage name was Henry Morgan.

Helen Morgan, Singer and Actor, Helen Riggins, (USA, 1900-1941).

Henry Morgan, Comedian; Henry Lerner Von Ost Jr. ( 31 March 1915 - 19 May 1994).

J. P. Morgan, Financier; John Pierpont Morgan (Hartford, Connecticut 17 April 1837 - 31 March 1913).

J. P. Morgan, Jr., Financier; John Pierpont Morgan, Jr. (New York City 7 September 1867 - 7 September 1943).

Jaye P. Morgan, Actor; Margaret Mary Morgan (Mancoa, Colorado 28 June 1924).

Lorrie Morgan, Country singer;Loretta Lynn Morgan (Nashville, Tennessee 27 June 1959).

Michele Morgan, Actor, Simone Roussell, (France, 1920).

Pat Morita, Actor, Noriyuki Morita, (USA, 1932).

Karen Morley, Actor; Mildred Linton (Ottumwa, Ohio 12 December 1909 - 8 March 2003).

Rebecca de Mornay, Actor, Rebecca George, (Santa Rosa, California 29 August1961). Some sources cite 1962.

Chester Morris, Actor; John Chester Brooks Morris (New York City 16 February 1901 - 11 September 1970).

Lana Morris, Actor, Avril Maureen Anita Morris (Ruislip, England; 11 March 1930 - 1998).

Wayne Morris, Actor; Bert DeWayne Morris, Jr. (Los Angeles, 17 February 1914 - 14 September 1959).

Fred Morrison, Inventor of the Frisbee; Walter Frederick Morrison (Richfield, Utah ).

Jim Morrison, Singer; James Douglas Morrison (Melbourne, Florida 8 December 1943 - 3 July 1971).

Toni Morrison, Writer; Chloe Anthony Wofford (Lorain, Ohio 18 February 1931). First black woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Van Morrison, Singer, George Ivan Morrison, (N. Ireland, 1945).

Buddy Morrow, Bandleader, Muni Zudekoff, aka Moe Zudekoff (New Haven, Connecticut 8 February 1919).

Jeff Morrow, Actor, Irving Morrow, (USA, 1907-1993).

Barry Morse, Actor; Herbert Morse (London 10 June 1918).

Samuel F. B. Morse, Inventor of Morse Code; Samuel Finley Breese Morse (Charlestown, Massachusetts 27 April 1791 - 2 April 1872).

Sir Alastair Morton, Industrialist; (Johannesburg, South Africa 11 january 1938 - 1 September 2004). "The Man Who Built The Channel Tunnel"

Gary Morton, Television mogul; Morton Goldpaper (New York 1925-1999).

Jelly Roll Morton, Jazz Piano; Ferdinand Joseph Lamothe (New Orleans, 20 October 1890 - 10 July 1941, California). Many suggestions that his surname was La Menthe (and variations) probably derive from a transcription error.

Fab Morvan, Singer and fraud; Fabrice Morvan (Paris, France 14 May 1966). Half of Milli Vanilli; see also Rob Pilatus.

Grandma Moses, Painter, Anna Mary Robertson, (USA, 1860-1961).

Mickie Most, Record Producer; Michael Peter Hayes (Aldershot, England 20 june 1938 - 30 May 2003).

Zero Mostel, Stage and Actor, Samuel Joel Mostel, (USA, 1915-1977).

Lucretia Mott, Social reformer; née Lucretia Coffin (Nantucket, Massachusetts 3 January 1793 - 11 November 1880).

Peggy Mount, Actor; Margaret Rose Mount (Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, England 2 may 1916 - 13 November 2001).

Nana Mouskouri

Ioanna Mouskouri
Chania, Crete, Greece
13 October 1934

Nana Mouskouri

Alan Mowbray, Actor; Cedric Alan Mowbray (London 18 August 1896 - 25 March 1969).

Mo Mowlam, Politician; Marjorie Mowlam (Watford, Hertfordshire
18 September 1949 - 19 August 2005).

Bridget Moynahan, Actor; Kathryn Bridget Moynahan (Binghamton, New York 21 September 1970).

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