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Na  Ni  No  Oa  Om

Nadar, Pioneer photographer, Gaspard Felix Tournachon, (France, 1820-1910).

Conrad Nagel, Film actor; Conrad Nagel (Keokuk, Iowa 16 March 1896 - 24 February 1970). Co-founder of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Bronco Nagurski, Football hall of famer, Bronislaw Nagurski, (Canada, 1908-1990).

Jimmy Nail, Actor; James Bradford. (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 16 March 1954).

VS Naipaul, Novelist; Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad (Chaguanas, Trinidad, 17 August 1932).

J. Carrol Naish, Screen and radio actor, Joseph Patrick Carrol Naish (New York 21 January 1900 - 24 January 1973). Hunchback in House of Frankenstein.

Nita Naldi, Actor; Anita Donna Dooley (New York, New York 1 April 1897 - 17 February 1961).

Jack Nance, Actor, Marvin John Nance, (USA, 1943-1996).

Alan Napier, Actor, Alan Napier-Clavering, (England, 1903-1988).

John Napper, Painter; John Pelham Napper (London, England 17 September 1916-17 March 2001, Ludlow, Shropshire).

R.K.Narayan, Writer; Rasipuram Krishnaswamy Narayan (Madras, India 10 October 1906 - 13 may 2001, Madras).

Ogden Nash, Writer and humorist, Frederic Ogden Nash, (USA, 1902-1971).

Carry Nation, Temperance campaigner; Carry Amelia Moore Nation (Garrard County, Kentucky 25 November 1846 - 2 June 1911).

Beyers Naudé, Cleric and anti-apartheid activist; Christiaan Frederick Beyers Naudé (Roodepoort, Transvaal, South Africa 10 May 1915 - 7 September 2004). He was also known as Oom Bey (Uncle Bey in Afrikaans).

Meshell Ndegeocello, Singer; Michelle Johnson (Berlin, Germany 29 August 1968). She has also referred to herself as Me'Shell NdegeOcello and Meshell Suhaila Bashir-Shakur.

Anna Neagle, Actor, Florence Marjorie Robertson, (England, 1904-1986).

Patricia Neal, Actor, Patsy Louise Neal (USA, 1927).

Liam Neeson, Actor; William John Nesson (Ballymena, Northern Ireland 7 June 1952).

Hildegarde Neff, Singer, actor; Hildegard Frieda Albertine Knef (Ulm, Germany 28 December 1925 - 1 February 2002).

Pola Negri, Screen Actor, reputed to be the first Hollywood actor to wear toenail varnish; Barbara Apollonia Chalipec (Janowo, Poland 31 December 1895 - 1 August, 1987). Birthdate and surname spelling vary widely.

Vince Neil, Singer, Vincent Neil Wharton, (Hollywood, California 8 February 1961).

Sam Neill, Actor, Nigel Neill, (Northern Ireland, 1947).

Little Nell, Singer, actor, writer; Laura Campbell (Sydney, Australia 24 May, 1953).

Kate Nelligan Actor, Patricia Colleen Nelligan, (London, Ontario 16 March 1951).

Nelly, Rap artist; Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr. (Brooklyn, New York).

Barry Nelson, Actor; Robert Haakon Nielsen (Oakland, California 16 April 1920).

Byron Nelson, Golfer; John Byron Nelson (Fort Worth, Texas 4 February 1912).

Baby Face Nelson, Gangster, Lester M. Gillis (USA, 1908-1934). Also known as George Nelson.

Gene Nelson, Dancer and Actor, Eugene Leander Berg, (USA, 1920-1996).

Harriet Nelson, Singer and television actor, Peggy Lou Snyder, (USA 1909-1994)

Ozzie Nelson, Bandleader and television actor, Oswald George Nelson (USA 1906-1975)

Ricky Nelson, Singer, Eric Nelson (USA 1940 - 1985).

Sandy Nelson, drummer; Sander L. Nelson (Santa Monica, California 1 December 1938).

Nero, Emperor of Rome; born Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, later known as Nero Claudius Drusus Germanicus (Antium, Near Rome 15 December 37 - 9 June 68).

Franco Nero, Actor; Francesco Sparanero (San Prospero, Parma, Italy 23 November 1941).

Peter Nero, Composer and musician, Bernie Nierow (USA, 1934).

Pablo Neruda, Poet; Neftalí Ricardo Reyes Basoalto (Parral, Chile 12 July 1904 - 23 September 1973).

Michael Nesmith, Singer, songwriter and Monkee; Robert Michael Nesmith (Houston, Texas 30 December 1942).

Bebe Neuwirth, Television, movie and stage actor, Beatrice Neuwirth, (USA, 1958).

Doc Nevaquaya, Artist and musician, Joyce Lee Tate, (USA, 1932-1996).

Bob Newhart, Comedian; George Robert Newhart (Oak Park, Chicago 5 September 1929).

Anthony Newley, Actor and singer; George Anthony Newley (Hackney, London 24 September 1931 - 14 April 1999).

Cardinal Newman, Catholic Prelate, John Henry Newman (England, 1801-1890).

Paul Newman, Actor; Paul Leonard Newman (Shaker Heights, Ohio 26 January 1925).

Julie Newmar, Actor, Julia Charlene Newmeyer (USA, 1935).

Juice Newton, Singer, Judy Cohen (USA, 1952).

Thandie Newton, Actor; Thandiwe Newton (Zambia 6 November 1972).

Wayne Newton, Singer and Actor, Carson Wayne Newton, (USA, 1942).

Dustin Nguyen, Actor; Nguyen Xuan Tri (Saigon, South Vietnam 17 September 1962).


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