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Jazzie B, Rapper; Beresford Romeo (London 26 January 1963).

Babyface, Singer and musician, Kenneth Brian Edmonds, (USA, 1958).

Lauren Bacall, Actor, Betty Joan Perske (New York, USA 16 September 1924). Some sources say 'Persky'.

Barbara Bach, Actor; Barbara Goldbach (Queens, New York 27 August 1947). Bond Girl, and wife of Ringo Starr.

Catherine Bach, Actor; Catherine Bachman (Warren, Ohio 1 March 1954).

Pamela Bach, Actor; Pamela Weissenbach, also credited as Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff . (Tulsa, Oklahoma 16 October 1963).

Vivi Bach, Actor, Vivi Back, (Denmark, 1939).

Richard Bachman, Author; Stephen King (Portland, Maine 21 September 1947) Pseudonym used for several novels, including The Running Man.

Henny Backus, Television actor, Henrietta Kaye, (wife of the late Jim Backus, played Cora Dithers on Blondie) (USA, 1911).

Jim Backus, Actor; James Gilmore Backus (James Gilmore Backus 25 February 1913 - 3 July 1989). Thurston Howell III on 'Gilligan's Island;' and the voice of Mister Magoo.

Angela Baddeley, Actor, Angela Clinton-Baddeley, (England, 1904-1976). Sister of Hermione

Hermione Baddeley, Actor, Hermione Clinton-Baddeley, (England, 1906-1986). Sister of Angela.

Lord Baden-Powell, Founder of the Boy Scouts; Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell (Paddington, London 22 February 1857 - 8 January 1941).

Douglas Bader, WWII Fighter Pilot; Douglas Robert Steuart Bader (21 February 1910 - 5 September 1982). Lost both legs in flying accident in early 1930s; Flew in the "Battle of Britain"; Knighted in 1976.

Erykah Badu, Singer, Erica Wright, (USA, 1971).

Max Baer, Heavyweight Champion, screen, stage, radio, & vaudeville actor; Maximilian Adelbert Baer (Omaha, Nebraska 11 February 1909 - 21 November 1959); Father of Max Baer Jr.

Max Baer Jr., Actor; Maximilian Adalbert Baer, Jr. (Oakland,California 4 December 1937); Son of Max Baer.

F. Lee Bailey, Author and attorney; Francis Lee Bailey (Waltham, Massachusetts 10 June 1933).

Pearl Bailey, Singer; Pearl Mae Bailey (Newport News, Virginia 29 March 1918 - 17 August 1990).

Barbara Bain, Actor; Millie Fogel (Chicago, Illinois 13 September 1931). Married to actor Martin Landau.

Fay Bainter, Film actor; Faye Okell Bainter (Los Angeles, California 7 December 1891 - 16 April 1968).

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