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Na  Ni  No  Oa  Om

Danbert Nobacon, Celebrity, Nigel Hunter (UK 1963) A self proclaimed 'anarchist' who attends awards ceremonies and assaults politicians.

Chelsea Noble, Actor; Nancy Mueller (Buffalo, New York 4 December 1964).

Nokio, Singer (Dru Hill); Tamir Ruffin (USA).

Lloyd Nolan, Actor; Lloyd Benedict Nolan (San Francisco, California 11 August 1902 - 27 September 1985).

Emil Nolde, Expressionist painter; Emil Hansen (Nolde, Germany 7 August 1867 - 15 April 1956).

Fred Noonan, Flight navigator; Frederick Joseph Noonan (Cook County, Illinois 4 April 1893 - 1937; missing 2 July 1937, declared dead 20 June 1938).

Noor, Queen of Jordan; Elizabeth Najeeb Halaby - known as Lisa Halaby (Washington, DC 23 August 1951).

Hermann Noordung, Engineer and space travel visionary; Herman Potocnik (Pula, Croatia 22 December 1892 - 27 August 1929).

Denis Norden, Comedy writer; Denis Mostyn Norden (Hackney, London 6 February 1922).

Lillian Nordica, Opera singer, Lillian Norton, (Farmington, Maine 12 May 1857 - 10 May 1914).

Tenzing Norgay, Sherpa mountaineer, Khumjung Bhutia; born Namgyal Wagundi (Nepal, May 1914 - 9 May 1986). He was the first to set foot on the summit of Mt. Everest.

Norma Jean, Country singer; Norma Jean Beasler (Wellston, Oklahoma 30 January 1938).

Jessye Norman, Opera singer; Jessie Mae Norman (Augusta, Georgia).

John Norman, Author; John Frederick Lange, Jr. (Chicago, Illinois 3 June 1931).

Mabel Normand, Actor; Mabel Fortescue (Boston, Massachussetts 9 November 1892 - 23 February 1930).

Chuck Norris, Actor, pseudonym of Carlos Ray Norris (USA, 1940).

Frank Norris, Novelist; Benjamin Franklin Norris (Chicago 5 March 1870 - 25 October 1902).

Fred Norris, Radio personality; Fred Leo Nukis aka Eric Fred Norris (Willimantic, Connecticut 9 July 1955).

Sheree North, Actor, Dawn Shirley Crang, also known as Dawn Bethel (17 January 1932 – 4 November 2005).

Andre Norton,
Science fiction author;

Alice Mary Norton

Cleveland, Ohio
17 February 1912 - 17 March 2005

Andre Norton

Barry Norton, Silent and talkies Actor, Alfredo Carlos de Birben, (Argentina, 1905-1956).

Graham Norton, Celebrity; Graham Walker (Bandon, County Cork, Ireland 4 April 1963).

Jack Norton, Character Actor Mortimer J. Naughton, (USA, 1889-1958). (usually played a drunk in tuxedo).

Red Norvo, Vibraphonist and Xylophonist, Kenneth Norville (USA 1907-1999)

Nostradamus, Clairvoyant, Michel de Notre Dame (St. Remy de Provence, France 14 December 1503 - 2 July 1566). Used his name's latin equivalent.

Notorious BIG, Rapper; Christopher Wallace (Brooklyn, New York 21 may 1972 - 9 March 1997).

Kim Novak, Actor, Marilyn Pauline Novak (Chicago, Illinois 13 February 1933).

Paul Novak, Sailor, body builder and bodyguard, Chester Ribonsky (U.S.A. 1923 - 1999). Mae West once said "A man in the house is worth two in the street". For her, Paul Novak was that man.

Novalis, Lyric Poet, Fredrich von Hardenberg (Germany, 1772-1801).

Ramon Novarro, Actor; Jose Ramon Gil Samaniegos (Durango, Mexico 6 February 1899 - 31 October 1968 ).

The Singing Nun, also known as Sister Luc Gabriel; Singer, Dominican nun; Jeanine Deckers , born Jeanne-Paule Marie Deckers (Brussels, Belgium 17 October 1933 - 29 March 1985).

Gary Numan, Singer; Gary Anthony James Webb (Hammersmith, London, 8 March 1958).

Charles Nungesser, Aviator; Charles Eugene Jules Marie Nungesser (Paris, France 15 March 1892 - 8 May 1927).

France Nuyen, Actor; France Nguyen Vannga (Marseille, France 31 July 1939).

Louis Nye, Comedian; Louis Nyestadt (Hartford, Connecticut 1 May 1920). Some sources say 1922.

Laura Nyro, Singer, songwriter; Laura Nigro (The Bronx, New York City 18 October 1947 - 8 April 8, 1997).

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