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Chuck D, Rapper; Carlton Ridenhour (Long Island, New York 1 August 1960).

Big Daddy, Professional wrestler; Shirley Crabtree (Halifax, England 1930).

Daddy Mac, Rapper; Chris Harrison Olsen Smith (10 January 1979).

Willem Dafoe, Actor, William Dafoe, (USA, 1955).

Dagmar, Televison celebrity; Virginia Ruth Egnor (Huntington, West Virginia 29 November 1921 - 9 October 2001). Childhood name was Ruthie, "Easier to spell than Virginia," she said; and her first stage name was Jennie Lewis.

Darlene Dahl, Actor; Darlene Tejeiro (Hoboken, New Jersey 1 October 1975) Also known as Darlene Dahl Tejeiro.

Dan Dailey, Actor and film director; Daniel James Dailey (14 December 1915 - 6 November 1978).

Dalbello, Singer Songwriter; Lisa Dal Bello (Woodbridge, Ontario 1958).

Dale, Singer; Dale Houston (Seminary, Mississippi 23 April 1940). Half of Dale and Grace.

Alan Dale, Singer; Aldo Sigismondi )New York 9 July 1925 - 20 April 2002).

Dick Dale, Singer; Richard Monsour (Boston, Massachusetts 4 May 1937).

Jim Dale, Movie Actor (Carry On comedies); James Smith (England, 15 August 1935).

Virginia Dale, Actor, Virginia Paxton, (USA, 1917-1994).

Cass Daley, Actor; Catherine Dailey (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 17 July 1915 - 22 March 1975).

John Dall, Actor, John Jenner Thompson, (USA, 1918-1971).

Abby Dalton, Actor; Marlene Wasden (Las Vegas, Nevada 15 August 1935).

Lacy J. Dalton, Country singer; Jill Byrem (Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 13 October 1948).

Tyne Daly, Television and Movie and stage actor, Ellen Daly, (USA, 1946).

Michael Damian, Actor, singer; Michael Damien Weir. (San Diego 26 April 1962).

Father Damien, Missionary priest; Joseph de Veuster (Tremeloo, Belgium, 3 January 1840 - 15 April 1889).

Lili Damita, Actor; Liliane Marie-Madeleine Carre (Bordeaux, France 19 July 1901 - 21 March 1994). She was known as Liliane Loomis after her 1962 marriage to Allen Loomis; various alternative birthdates have been claimed.

Gabriel Damon, Actor; Gabriel Damon Ladaei (Reno, Nevada 23 April 1976).

Stuart Damon, Actor; Stuart Michael Zonis (New York 5 February 1937).

Vic Damone, Singer; Vito Farinola (USA, 1928).

Jean-Claude Van Damme, Movie Actor, Jean-Claude Van Varenberg, (Belgium, 1960).

Dana, Singer and politician; Dana Rosemary Scallon née Rosemary Brown (Derry 30 August 1951).

Bill Dana, Television/movie comedian, William Szathmary, (USA, 1924). Irving Szathmary (composer of the "Get Smart" theme) was his older brother.

Dorothy Dandrige, Film actor; Dorothy Jean Dandridge (9 November 1923 - 8 September 1965). The first black woman nominated for an Academy Award.

Ruby Dandridge, Actor, Ruby Jean Butler, (USA, 1900-1987).

Clemence Dane, Author, Winnifred Ashton, (England, 1888-1965).

Karl Dane, Silents and Talkies Actor, Rasmus Karl Thekelsen Gottlieb, (Denmark, 1886-1934).

Taylor Dane, Singer; Lesley Wonderman (Long Island, New York 7 March 1962).

Rodney Dangerfield, Comedian, Jacob Cohen (Babylon, New York, 22 November 1921 - 5 October 2004).

Emma Danieli, Actor, Emma Fretta, (Italy, 1936).

Victor Daniels, Actor; also known as Chief Thundercloud (Muskogee, Oklahoma 12 April 1899 - 30 November 1955); Played Tonto in "Lone Ranger" serials. FAQ - Spelling

Frederic Dannay, Writer; Daniel Nathan (Brooklyn, New York 20 October 1905 - 3 September 1982). Frederic Dannay and Manfred Lee, cousins, collaborated as Ellery Queen, writing novels, short stories and producing Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.

Cesare Danova, Actor; Cesare Deitinger (Bergamo, Italy 1 March 1926 - 19 March 1992 Los Angeles). Chose his stage name from an advertisment for men's shirts.

Pamela Danova, Film production, was born as Pamela Matthews (UK).

Ted Danson, Actor, Edward Bridge Danson III

Dante, Poet; Durante Alighieri (Florence, Italy late spring 1265 - 14 September 1321).

Ron Dante, Singer; Carmine Granito (Staten Island, New York 22 August 1945).

Cassandra Danz, Comic; Sandra Danz (Brooklyn, New York 1 January 1947 - 25 May 2002).

Tony Danza, Actor, Anthony La Danza (USA, 1951)

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