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Master P, Rapper; Percy Miller Sr. (New Orleans, Louisiana 29 April 1970) Founder of No Limit Records.

Johnny Pacar, Actor; John Edward Pacuraru (Dearborn, Michigan 6 June 1981).

Al Pacino, Actor; Alfredo James Pacino (USA, 1940).

Anita Page, Actor; Anita Pomares (Flushing, New York 4 August 1910).

Gale Page, Actor; Sally Rutter (USA, 1913-1983).

Hot Lips Page, Jazz and blues trumpet and vocals; Oran Thaddeus Page (Dallas, 27 January 1908 - 5 November 1954 New York).

Janis Page, Actor; Donna Mae Jaden (USA, 1922).

Jimmy Page, Guitarist; James Patrick Page (Heston, Londonm UK 9 January 1944).

Patti Page, Singer; Clara Ann Fowler (USA, 1927).

Debra Paget, Actor; Debralee Griffin (Denver, Colorado 19 August 1933).

Elaine Paige, Singer; Elaine Bickerstaff (Barnet, North London 5 March 1951).

Janis Paige, Stage and film actress; Donna Mae Tjaden (Tacoma, Washington 16 September 1922)

Satchel Paige, Baseball hall of famer; Leroy Robert Paige (Mobile, Alabama 7 July 1906 - 8 June 1982).

Thomas Paine, Statesman and philosopher; Thomas Paine (Suffolk, England 1737-1809).

Jack Palance, Movie Actor; Volodymir Ivanovich Palahnuik (Hazle Township, Pennsylvania 18 February 1919 - 10 November 2006). Billed as Walter Jack Palance in early appearances.

Betsy Palmer, Actor; Patricia Betsy Hrunek (East Chicago, Indiana 1 November 1926).

Corliss Palmer, Silent Actor; Corliss Martin (USA, 1902-1952).

Lilli Palmer, Actor; Lille Marie Peiser (Germany, 1914-1986).

Patricia Palmer, Actor; Ella Margaret Gibson (USA 14 September 1894 - 21 October 1964). Other stage names included as Patsy Palmer, Margie Gibson, Marguerite Gibson, Helen Gibson, Ella Margaret Lewis, Ella Margaret Arce and Pat Lewis.

Patsy Palmer, Actor; Julie Harris (Bethnal Green, London 26 May 1972).

Robert Palmer, Singer and songwriter; Alan Robert Palmer (Batley, Yorkshire 19 January 1949 - 26 September 2003).

Chazz Palminteri, Actor; Calogero Lorenzo Palminteri (USA, 1952).

Palmolive, Drummer (The Slits); née Paloma Romero, now Paloma McLardy, (Spain, 1955).

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Kate Paltrow
Los Angeles, California
27 September 1972

Gwyneth Paltrow


Hayden Panettiere, Actor; Hayden Leslie Panettiere (Palisades, New York 21 August 1989).

Paul Panzer, Silent and talkies Actor; Paul Wolfgang Panzerbeiter (Germany, 1872-1958).

Irene Papas, Actor; Irene Lelekou (Greece 1926).

Joseph Papp, Theatrical producer;Yosl Papirofsky (USA, 1921-1991).

Anna Paquin, Actor; Anna Helene Paquin (Winnipeg, Canada 24 July 1982).

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