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Fantastic Johnny C, Singer; Johnny Corley (Greenwood, South Carolina 28 April 1943).

Bruce Cabot, Actor, Etienne Pelissier Jacques de Bujac, (USA, 1904-1972).

John Cabot, Navigator and explorer; Giovanni Caboto (Italy 1450 - 1498).

Sebastian Cabot, Actor; Charles Sebastian Thomas Cabot (London, England 6 July 1918 - 22 August 1977).

Susan Cabot, Actress; Harriet Shapiro (Boston, Massachusetts 9 July 1927 - 10 December 1986).

Mother Cabrini, Canonized as St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, she was born Maria Francesca Cabrini (Lombardy, Italy 15 July 1850 - 22 December 1917).

Sid Caesar, Comedian and actor, Isaac Sidney Caesar (Yonkers, New York City 8 September 1922).

Julius Caesar, Dictator and soldier; Gaius Julius Caesar (13 July 100 BC - 15 March 44 BC). Beware the Ides of March!

Nicolas Cage, Actor, Nicholas Kim Coppola, (Nephew of Francis Ford Coppola), (USA, 1964)

Sammy Cahn, Lyricist; Samuel Cohen (U.S.A. 1913-1992).

Dean Cain, Actor; Dean Tanaka (Mt. Clemens, Michigan 31 July 1966).

Sir Michael Caine, Actor; Sir Maurice Joseph Micklewhite Jr. (Rotherhithe, London 14 March 1933).

Calamity Jane, Frontier figure; Martha Jane Burke, n?e Cannary [some sources say Canary] (U.S.A. 1852-1903).

Helen Caldicott, Physician/Nuclear activist, Helen Broinowski, (Australia, 1938).

Taylor Caldwell, Author; Janet Miriam Holland Taylor Caldwell (Manchester, England 7 September 1900 - 30 August 1985).

JJ Cale, Country & Blues singer; John W Cale (Oklahoma City 5 December 1938). A journalist once wrote that Cale was born in Paris, Texas, so his parents named him "Jean Jaques"; the story lasted well!

Louis Calhern, Actor, Carl Henry Vogt (USA, 1895-1956).

Rory Calhoun, Actor; Francis Timothy McCown later added Durgin, after his stepfather (Los Angeles, California 8 August 1922 - 28 April 1999).

Caligula, Emperor of Rome; Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus (Anzio (Antium), Italy 31 August 12 - 24 January 41). Caligula was a nickname given to him as a child; "little boot".

K Callan, Actor; Katherine Borman (Dallas, Texas 9 January 1942).

Michael Callan, Actor, Martin Calinieff (USA, 1935).

Maria Callas, Opera singer; Sophia Cecelia Kalos, though she was she was Christened Maria Anna Sofia Cecilia Kalogeropoulou (Manhattan, New York 2 December 1923 - 16 September 1977).

Cab Calloway, Band leader, singer, Cabel Calloway III (Rochester, New York 25 December 1907 - 18 November 1994).

E.H. Calvert, Silents and Talkies Actor, Elisha Helm Calvert, (USA, 1863-1941).

Corinne Calvet, Actor, Corinne Dibos, (France, 1925).

John Calvin, Christian theologian; Jean Chauvin (Noyon, Picardie, France 10 July 1509 - 27 May 1564).

Godfrey Cambridge, Actor and Comedian; Godfrey MacArthur Cambridge (New York, NY 26 February 1933-29 November 1976 Burbank, California).

Rod Cameron, Film Actor; Roderick Nathan Cox (Calgary, Alberta 7 December 1912 - 21 December 1983).

Camoflauge, Rapper; Jason Eugene Johnson (Savannah, Georgia 1981 - 19 May 2003).

L. Sprague de Camp, Writer and aeronautical engineer; Lyon Sprague de Camp (New York 27 November 1907 - 6 November 2000, Plano, Texas).

Gerald Campion, Actor and restaurateur; Gerald Theron Campion (London 23 April 1921 - 9 July 2002).

Cam'ron, Rapper; Cameron Giles. (Harlem 1976).

Albert Camus, Existentialist and writer; Albert Camus (Algeria, 1913 - 1960).

Canaletto, Artist; Giovanni Antonio Canale (Venice 7 October 1697 - 10 April 1768).

Chan Canasta, Mentalist, Chananel Mifelew (Poland, 1920 - 99).

John Candy, Actor; John Franklin Candy (Toronto, Ontario, Canada 31 October 1950 - 4 March 1994 Durango, Mexico).

Dyan Cannon, Actor, Samile Diane Friesen (USA, 1937).

Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon, Singer and musician, Frederick Anthony Piariello, (USA, 1942).

J.D. Cannon, Television / Actor, John Donovan Cannon, (USA, 1922).

Diana Canova, Actor; Diana Rivero (West Palm Beach, Florida 1 June 1953).

Judy Canova, Radio, TV, and film actor Juliette Canova (Starke, Florida 20 November 1913 - 5 August 1983). Nicknamed "The Queen of Corn".

Cantinflas, Actor (including "Around the World in 80 Days"), Mario Moreno Reyes (Mexico, 1911-1993).

Eddie Cantor, Comedian/Singer; Edward Israel Iskowitz (USA 1892-1964).

Blu Cantrell, R&B singer; Tiffany Cobb (Providence, Rhode Island 1 October 1976).

Yakima Canutt, Movie stuntman/actor, Enos Edward Canutt (USA, 1896-1986).

Jim Capaldi, Drummer; Nicola James Capaldi (Evesham, Worcestershire 2 August 1944 - 28 January 2005).

Al Capone, Gangster and tax fraud; Alphonse Gabriel Capone ( 17 January 1899 – 25 January 1947).

Truman Capote, Writer, Truman Streckfus Persons, (USA, 1924-1984).

Al Capp, Cartoonist (L'il Abner), Alfred Gerald Caplin (USA, 1909-1979).

Frank Capra, Film director; Francesco Capra (Bisacquino, Sicily 18 May 1897 - 3 September 1991).

Kate Capshaw, Actor; Kathleen Sue Nail (Fort Worth, Texas 3 November 1953).

Capucine, Actor, Germaine Lefebvre, (France, 1933-1990).

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