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Na  Ni  No  Oa  Om

Ian Niall, Writer; John Kincaid McNellie (Old Kilpatrick, Dunbartonshire, Scotland 7 November 1916 - 24 June 2002).

Beverly Nichols, Writer; Beverly Nichols (England 1899).

Mike Nichols, Comedian and director, Michael Igor Peschowsky (Germany, 1931).

Nichelle Nichols, Actor; Grace Nichols (Robbins, Illinois 28 December 1933).

Jack Nicholson, Actor; John Joseph Nicholson (Neptune, New Jersey April 22nd, 1937).

Stevie Nicks, Singer, Stephanie Lynn Nicks, (USA, 1948).

Nico, Singer, model; Christa Päffgen (Keulen, Germany 16 October 1938 - 18 July1988).

AC Nielsen, Market-research engineer; Arthur Charles Nielsen (Chicago, Illinois 5 September 1897 - 1 June 1980).

Brigitte Nielsen, Actor and model; Gitte Nielsen (Rødovre, Denmark 15 July 1963).

Masa Niemi, Actor, Martti Elis Niemi, (Finland, 1914-1960).

Birgit Nilsson, Opera singer; Märta Birgit Svennsson (Vastra Karup, Sweden 17 May 1918). Nilsson is taken after her father, Nils Svensson, (meaning Nils' son, but in early 20th century sometimes used also by daughters).

Leonard Nimoy,

Leonard Simon Nimoy
Boston, Massachusetts
26 March 1931

Leonard Nimoy

Nimrod, Writer on rural and sporting life; Charles James Apperley (England).

Anaïs Nin, Diarist; Angela Anais Juana Antolina Rosa Edelmira Nin y Culmell ( 21 February 1903 - 14 January 1977).

Robert De Niro, Actor; Robert De Niro (New York, New York 17 august 1943).

David Niven, Actor, James David Graham Niven, (Scotland, 1910-1983).

Marni Nixon, Singer and voice double; Marni McEathron (Altadena, California 22 February 1930). She is often known as "The Voice of Hollywood".

Patricia Nixon, First Lady to 37th President; née Thelma Catherine Patricia Ryan (Ely, Nevada 16 March 1912 - 22 June 1993).

Richard Nixon, 37th President of the USA; Richard Milhous Nixon (Yorba Linda, California 9 January 1913 - 22 April 1994).

Xolani Nkosi, HIV awareness campaigner; Nkosi Johnson (Daveytown, South Africa 4 February 1989 - 1 June 2001, Johannesburg).

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