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I  Ja  Je  Jo  Jones  Jong

Beau Jack, Boxer; Sidney Walker (1 April 1921 - 9 February 2000).

Cactus Jack,WWF Wrestler; Michael Foley (USA).

Calico Jack; Pirate; John Rackham (died 17 November 1720).

Wolfman Jack, Disc Jockey; Robert Weston Smith (Brooklyn, New York 21 January 1938 - 1 July 1995).

Jackée aka Jackée Harry, Actor; Jacqueline Harry (Winston-Salem, North Carolina 14 August 1956).

Bo Jackson, Football player, Vincent Edwards Jackson, (USA, 1962).

Butter Jackson, Musician (Duke Ellington orch.) Quentin Jackson, (USA, 1909-1976).

Holbrook Jackson, Journalist, writer, editor and publisher;   George Holbrook Jackson - born George Henry Jackson (Liverpool, England 31 December 1874 - 16 June 1948).

Jackie Jackson, Singer (brother of Michael), Sigmund Esco Jackson, (USA, 1951).

Janet Jackson, Singer; Janet Dameta Jackson (Gary, Indiana 16 May 1966). Prone to Wardrobe Malfunctions.

Jeremy Jackson, Actor Jeremy Dunn (Newport Beach, California 16 October 1980).

Jesse Jackson, Politician; Jesse Louis Burns ( 8 October 1941). Name changed on adoption by stepfather.

Joshua Jackson, Actor; Joshua Carter Jackson (USA 1978).

Kate Jackson, Actor; Catherine Elise Jackson (Birmingham, Alabama 29 October 1948).

Michael Jackson, Singer, Michael Joseph Jackson (Gary, Indiana 29 August 1958).

Randy Jackson, singer; Steven Randall Jackson (Gary, Indiana 29 October 1961).

Samuel L. Jackson, Actor, Samuel Leroy Jackson, (USA, 1948).

Stonewall Jackson, Soldier; Thomas Jonathan Jackson (Clarksburg, West Virginia 21 January 1824 - 10 May 1863).

Tito Jackson, Singer, guitarist; Toriano Adaryll Jackson (Gary, Indiana 15 October 1953).

Illinois Jacquet, saxophonist; Battiste Illinois Jacquet (Broussard, Louisiana 31 October 1922 - 22 July 2004).

Richard Jaeckel, Actor; Richard Hanley Jaeckel, also known as R. Hanley Jaeckel (Long Beach, New York 10 October 1926 - 14 June 1997). Some sources suggest the R. stood for nothing.

Sam Jaffe, Actor (Gunga Din, Dr. Zorba), Shalom Jaffe, (USA, 1891-1984).

Bianca Jagger, Actor; Bianca Perez Morena de Macias (Nicaragua 2 May 1945). Some sources offer 1950.

Dean Jagger, Actor, Ira Dean Jagger, (USA, 1903-1991).

Mick Jagger, Singer; Sir Michael Philip Jagger (Dartford Kent, 26 July 1943).

Jah Lloyd, Jah Lion, Jah Ali, Singer and musician, Patrick Lloyd Francis (Jamaica 1947 - 1999).

Shah Jahan, Mughal emperor of India 1592 - 1666; Khurram Shihab-ud-din Muhammad (India 5 January 1592 - 22 January 1666).

Dennis James, Television game show host, Demie James Sposa, (USA, 1917-1997).

Elmore James, Blues singer; Elmore Brooks, (Richland, Mississippi, 27 January 1918 - 24 May 1963, Chicago).

Etta James, Singer, Jamesetta Hawkins (she reversed the syllables of first name), (USA, 1938).

Henry James, Novelist and writer, Henry James (USA, 1843-1916).

Henry James, Science fiction writer, L. C. Kellenberger (USA, 20th century).

Jesse James, Outlaw (Quantrill's Raiders); Jesse James (USA). Sometimes travelled as J. Frank Dalton.

Joni James, Pop singer; Giovanna Carmella Babbo (Chicago, Illinois 22 September 1930).

Kevin James, Comedian and actor; Kevin George Knipfing (Mineola, New York 26 April 1965). Brother of Gary Valentine.

P. D. James, Author; Phyliss Dorothy James (Oxford, England 3 August 1920).

Rick James, Singer and songwriter; James Ambrose Johnson (Buffalo, New York 1 February 1948 - 6 August 2004).

Sid James, Actor; Joel Solomon Cohen (Hillbrow, Johannesburg, South Africa 8 May 1913 - 26 April 1976).

Sonny James, Singer; James Loden (Hackleburg, Alabama 1 May 1929).

Jaimoe, Drummer, Allman Brothers Band; Johnny Lee Johnson (Ocean Springs, Mississippi 8 July1944).

William Janney, Actor, Russell Dixon Janney, (USA, 1908-92).

Emil Jannings, Actor (Won first ever male Academy award) Theodor Friedrich Emil Janenz, (Switzerland, 1884-1950).

David Janssen, Actor, David Howard Meyer (USA, 1931-1980).

Famke Janssen, Actor; Famke Beumer (Amsterdam, Netherlands 5 November 1965).

Tove Jansson, Writer; Tove Marika Jansson (Helsinki, 9 August 1914 - 27 June 2001, Helsinki) creator of Moomin.

Al Jarreau, Singer; Alwyn Lopez Jarreau (Milwaukee, Wisconsin 12 March 1940).

Hans Jarta, Revolutionary/administrator, Hans Hierta, (Sweden, 1774-1847).

David Jason, Actor, David White (London 2 February 1940).

Leigh Jason, Actor, Leigh Jacobson, (USA, 1904-79).

Sybil Jason, Actor; Sybil Jacobs (23 November 1929).

Jam Master Jay, DJ, turntablist (Run DMC); Jason Mizell (New York, 21 January 1965 - 30 October 2002).

Jay-Z, Rapper; Shawn Corey Carter (Brooklyn, New York 4 December 1969). Also known as Jay-C; birthdate varies.

Jazz, Singer (Dru Hill); Larry Anthony (USA).

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