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I  Ja  Je  Jo  Jones  Jong

Wyclef Jean, Singer; Nelust Wyclef Jean (Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti 17 October 1972).

DJ Jazzy Jeff, Hip-hop DJ; Jeffrey A. Townes (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 22 January 1965).

Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blues singer; Clarence Jefferson, also known as Deacon L.J. Bates (Couchman, Texas 11 July 1897 - December 1929). Birth may be September 1893.

Anne Jeffreys, Actor, Anne Carmichael, (USA, 1923).

Allen Jenkins, Actor, Alfred McGonegal, (USA, 1900-74).

Si Jenks, Actor, Howard Jenkins, (USA, 1876-1970).

Bruce Jenner, Athlete; William Bruce Jenner (USA 1949).

Al Jennings, Lawyer, train robber, politician and actor; Alphonso J. Jennings (Virginia 1 January1863 - 26 December 1961).

Waylon Jennings, Singer, guitarist; Waylon Arnold Jennings (Littlefield, Texas 15 June 1937 - 13 February 2002).

Jeremy (of Chad and Jeremy), Singer and musician; Michael Thomas Jeremy Clyde (Dorney, Buckinghamshire, England 22 March 1941)

Ron Jeremy, Porn actor; Ronald Jeremy Hyatt (Long Island, New York 12 March 1953).

Adele Jergens, actor; Adele Jergens, (Brooklyn, New York 28 November 1917 - 22 November 2002). Married Glenn Langan, she was also known as "The Eyeful".

George Jessel, Actor; George Albert Jessel (New York City 3April 1898 - 24 May 1981).

Jethro, Musician, and entertainer, Kenneth Burns, (USA, 1927-1992). (Homer & Jethro)

Joan Jett, Singer; Joan Marie Larkin (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 22 September 1958).

Jewel, Singer, Jewel Kilcher (Payson, Utah 23 May 1974).

Ann Jillian, Actor, Ann Jura Nauseda, (Cambridge, Massachusetts 29 January 1950).

Jizmak da Gusher, Drummer; Brad Roberts (6 November 1967).

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