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Ha  Ham  Har  Harris  Hat  He  Hen  Hi  Ho  Hoo  Howard  Hu

Don Ho, Entertainer; Donald Ho Tai Loy (Kaka'ako, Honolulu 13 August 1930).

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese leader; Nguyen Tat Thanh, born Nguyen Sinh Cung (Kim Lien, Vietnam 19 May 1890 - 3 September 1969).

Rose Hobart, Actor; Rose Keefer [Kefer] (New York, 1 May 1906 - 29 August 2000).

Leonard Hochman, Jazz Saxophonist (Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A. 1934 - 16 February 2000).

Dennis Hoey, Actor, Samuel Hyams, (England, 1898-1960).

Abbie Hoffman, Political activist; Abbot Howard Hoffman (Worcester, Massachusetts 30 November 1936 - 12 April 1989).

Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Professional Wrestler and Actor, Terry Jean Bollea (USA, 1953).

Paul Hogarth, Artist; Arthur Paul Hoggarth (Kendal, Cumberland 4 October 1917 - 27 December 2001).

Hal Holbrook, Actor; Harold Rowe Holbrook, Jr. (Cleveland, Ohio 17 February 1925).

William Holden, Film actor, William Beedle (1918 - 81).

Noddy Holder, Singer and actor; Neville John Holder (Walsall, England 15 June 1946).

Billie Holiday, Jazz Singer; Eleanora Fagan Gough (Baltimore, Maryland 7 April 1915 - 17 July 1959).

Dexter Holland, Singer and guitarist (The Offspring); Bryan Holland (USA, 1966).

Jools Holland

Julian Miles Holland

Blackheath, London
24 January 1958

Jools Holland, Musician

Tony Holland, Scriptwriter; Anthony John Holland (Shoeburyness, England 18 January 1940 - 28 November 2007).

Xaviera Hollander, Professional Courtesan, Xaviera Devries (Indonesia, 1942).

Doc Holliday, Dentist and gunfighter, John Henry Holliday, (USA, 1851-1887).

Judy Holliday, Actor; Judith Tuvim (New York City, 21 June 1921 - 7 June 1965).

Earl Holliman, Actor; Anthony Earl Numkena, also known as Henry Earl Holliman (Delhi, Louisiana 11 September 1928).

Sterling Holloway; Actor; Sterling Price Holloway Jr. (Cedartown, Georgia 4 January 1905 - 22 November 1992).

Buddy Holly, Singer, musician and songwriter, Charles Hardin Holley (Lubbock, Texas 7 September 1936 - 3 February 1959).

Anne Holm, Writer, Anne Lise Elfe (Norway, 1922 - 1998)

Ian Holm, Shakespearean actor, Ian Holm Cuthbert (England, 1931).

John Holmes, Movie porn actor, John Curtis Estes, (USA, 1944-88).

Gustav Theodore Holst, Composer, Gustav Theodor von Holst, (England, 1874-1934).

Skip Homeier, Actor; George Vincent Homeier (Chicago, Illinois 5 October 1929).

Homer, Musician, and entertainer, Henry Doyle Haynes, (Knoxville, Tennessee, 27 July 1917- 7 August 1971). (Homer & Jethro).

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