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Ha  Ham  Har  Harris  Hat  He  Hen  Hi  Ho  Hoo  Howard  Hu

Robin Hood, fabled redistributor of wealth; Sir Robin of Locksley (England c. 13th Century). According to legend, Mr Hood called for his trusty longbow from his deathbed, shot an arrow, and decreed that he be buried wheresoever it landed. They buried him, with appropriate pomp and ceremony, on top of the wardrobe.

bell hooks, Grammatically challenged social activist; Gloria Jean Watkins (Hopkinsville, Kentucky 25 September 1952).

Robert Hooks, Actor; Bobby Dean Hooks (Washington, DC, USA).

J.Edgar Hoover, Director of the Bureau of Investigation (later called FBI); John Edgar Hoover (Washington 1 January 1895 - 2 May 1972).

A.D.Hope, Poet, writer; Alec Derwent Hope (Cooma, New South Wales 21 July 1907 - 13 July 2000, Canberra).

Bob Hope, Comedian; Leslie Townes Hope (1903).

Anthony Hopkins, Actor; Philip Anthony Hopkins (Wales, 1937).

Miriam Hopkins, Actor, Ellen Miriam Hopkins, (USA, 1903-1972).

Willie Hoppe, Billiards champion; William Frederick Hoppe (Cornwall-on-the-Hudson, New York 11 October 1887 - 1 February 1959).

Hedda Hopper, Columnist; Elda Furry (USA, 1885-1966).

Horace, Poet; Quintus Horatius Flaccus (Venusia 8 December 65 BC - 27 November 8 BC).

Tom Horn, Army scout; Thomas Horn (Scotland County, Missouri 21 November 1860 - 20 November 1903).

Karen Horney, Psychoanalyst; née Karen Danielsen (Blankenese, Germany 16 September 1885 - 4 December 1952).

Edward Everett Horton, Stage, film and TV actor; Edward Everett Horton (Brooklyn, New York 18 March 1886 - 29 September 1970).

Robert Horton, Actor, Meade Howard Horton Jr. (USA, 1924).

Tim Horton, Hockey player; Miles Gilbert Horton (Cochrane, Ontario 12 January 1930 - 21 February 1974).

Farina Hoskins, Actor; Allen Clayton Hoskins (Boston, Massachusetts 9 August 1920 - 26 July 1980).

The Harrisburg Houdini, Basketball player; Robert E. Davies, aka Bob Davies (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 15 January 1920 - 22 April 1990).

Harry Houdini, Magician, Ehrich Weiss (Budapest, Hungary 24 March 1874 - 31 October 1926). Sometimes Americanized as Weitz, Weisz. His brother was Theodore Hardeen.

Katharine Houghton, Actor; Katharine Houghton Grant (Hartford, Connecticut 10 March 1945). Niece of Katharine Hepburn.

John Houseman, Actor, Jacques Houssmann (Romania, 1902-1988).

A. E. Housman, Poet; Alfred Edward Housman (Bromsgrove 26 March 1859 - 30 April 1936).

Cisco Houston, Folk singer; Gilbert Vandine Houston (Wilmington, Delaware 18 August 1918 - 29 April 1961).

Sam Houston, Statesman and soldier; Samuel Houston (Rockbridge County, Virginia 2 March 1793 - 26 July 1863).

Lucas Hoving, Dancer, choreographer and teacher; Lukas Hovinga (Netherlands 1912 - 2000).

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