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Ha  Ham  Har  Harris  Hat  He  Hen  Hi  Ho  Hoo  Howard  Hu

Elbert Hubbard, Writer; Elbert Hubbard (Illinois, USA 1856-1915).

L. Ron Hubbard, Author and Founder of Church of Scientology; Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (Tilden, Nebraska 13 March 1911 - 24 January 1986).

Kate Hudson, Actor; Kate Garry Hudson (Los Angeles, California 19 April 1979). Daughter of Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson.

Rock Hudson, Actor; Roy Scherer (USA, 1925-1985).

Jack Hues, Singer, musician; Jeremy Allan Ryder (Gillingham, Kent, England 10 December 1954).

Felicity Huffman, Actor; Felicity Kendall Huffman (Bedford, New York 9 December 1962).

Howard Hughes, Industrialist; Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. (Humble, Texas 24 December 1905 - 5 April 1976).

Kathleen Hughes, Actor, Betty von Gerkan, (USA, 1928).

Langston Hughes, Poet; James Langston Hughes (Joplin, Missouri 1 February 1902 - 22 May 1967).

Robert Hughes, Writer; Robert Studley Forrest Hughes (Sydney, New South Wales 28 July 1938).

D. L. Hughley, Actor; Darryl Lynn Hughley (Los Angeles, California 6 March 1963).

Wayne Huizenga, Entrepeneur; Harry Wayne Huizenga (Evergreen Park, Illinois 29 December 1937).

Cardinal Basil Hume, Priest, George Hume (England 1923-1999).

Engelbert Humperdinck, Singer, Arnold George Dorsey - he originally recorded as Gerry Dorsey. (Madras, India 2 May 1936).

Gareth Hunt, Actor; Alan Leonard Hunt (Battersea, London 7 February 1942 – 14 March 2007).

Helen Hunt, Actor; Helen Elizabeth Hunt (Culver City, California 15 June 1963).

HL Hunt, Industrialist, Haroldson Lafayette Hunt (Carson Township, Illinois 17 February 1889 - 29 November 1974).

Peter Hunt, Film editor and director; Peter Roger Hunt (London 11 March 1925 - 14 August 2002).

Catfish Hunter, Baseball pitcher; James Augustus Hunter (Hertford, North Carolina, 8 April 1946 - 9 September 1999).

Ian Hunter, Guitarist; Ian Hunter Patterson (Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England 3 June 1946).

Jeffrey Hunter, Actor, Henry Herman McKinnies Jr., (USA, 1926-1969).

Kaki Hunter, Actor, Katherine Hunter, (USA, 1955).

Kim Hunter, Actor; Janet Cole (Detroit, Michigan12 November 1922 - 11 September 2002).

Ross Hunter, Film producer; Martin Fuss (Cleveland, Ohio 6 May 1921 - 10 March 1996).

Russell Hunter, Actor, Russell Ellis. (Scotland, 1925).

Tab Hunter, Actor, Arthur Andrew Gelien, born Arthur Andrew Kelm (New York City 11 July 1931 - 24 September 2002).

Samuel P. Huntington, Political scientist; Samuel Phillips Huntington (New York City 18 April 1927).

Mary Beth Hurt, Actor;

née Mary Beth Supinger

Marshalltown, Iowa
Born 26 September 1948
Married to actor William Hurt.

Mississippi John Hurt, Blues singer, guitar; John Smith Hurt (Teoc, Mississippi 3 July 1893 - 2 November 1966).

Hussein, King of Jordan, Hussein bin Talal, (Jordan 1935 - 99).

Olivia Hussey,Actor; Olivia Osuna (Argentina, 1951).

Ruth Hussey, Actor; Ruth Carol Hussey (Providence, Rhode Island 30 October 1911 - 19 April 2005). William O'Rourke was her stepfather (her father died when she was seven.

Walter Huston, dramatic actor, academy award winner and father of John Huston; Walter Houghston (Toronto 1884-1950).

Johnny Hutch, Acrobat and actor; John William Hutchinson (Middlesborough, England 8 August 1913 - 9 December 2006).

Will Hutchins, Actor; Marshall Lowell Hutchason (Los Angeles, California 5 May 1932).

Betty Hutton, Actor, Elizabeth June Thornburg (USA, 1921).

Ina Ray Hutton, Singer, dancer, bandleader; Odessa Cowan (Chicago, Illinois 13 March 1916 - 19 February 1984).

Jim Hutton, Actor; Dana James Hutton (Binghamton, New York 31 May 1934 - 2 June 1979).

Lauren Hutton, Actor, Mary Laurence Hutton, (USA, 1943).

Robert Hutton, Actor, Robert Bruce Winne, (USA, 1920-1994).

T.H.Huxley, Writer; Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895).

Diana Hyland, Actor, Diana Gentner, (USA, 1936).

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