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Ha  Ham  Har  Harris  Hat  He  Hen  Hi  Ho  Hoo  Howard  Hu

Theodore Hardeen, Magician; Ferencz Deszo Weiss (Hungary 4 March 1876 - 1945). Brother of Harry Houdini. Sometimes Americanized as Weitz, Weisz

Ty Hardin, Actor; Orson Whipple Hungerford II (New York City 1 January 1930). Also known as Ty Hungerford.

Wes Hardin, Gunfighter; John Wesley Hardin (Bonham, Fannin County, Texas, 26 May 1853 - 19 August 1895).

Ann Harding, Actor; Dorothy Walton Gatley (Fort Sam Houston, Texas 7 August 1901 - 1 September 1981).

Tonya Harding, Figure skater; Tonya Maxene Harding (Portland, Oregon 12 November 1970).

Sir Cedric Hardwicke; Actor; Cedric Webster Hardwicke (Lye, Worcestershire, England 19 February 1893 - 6 August 1964).

Oliver Hardy, Film actor, Norvell Hardy (USA, 1892 - 1957) Nicknamed "Babe". See Laurel

Mata Hari, Dancer; Margaretha Zelle (Leeuwarden, Netherlands 7 August 1876 - 15 October 1917). Executed by France for alleged espionage, probably in error.

Jean Harlow, Actor; Harlean Carpenter (Kansas City, Missouri 3 March 1911- 7 June 1937). Also referred to as Harlean Carpentier - the 'i' was added by her studio to make it sound more romantic and foreign.

Angie Harmon, Actor; Angela Michelle Harmon (Dallas, Texas 10 August 1972).

Mark Harmon, Actor; Thomas Mark Harmon (Burbank, California 2 September 1951).

Tom Harmon, Football player, broadcaster and actor; Thomas Dudley Harmon (Rensselaer, Indiana 28 September 1919 - 15 March 1990).

Harmonica Fats, Harmonica player; Harvey Blackston aka Heavy Juice (1928 - 1 March 2000).

Big Harpe, Outlaw and murderer; Micajah Harpe (North Carolina c. 1768 – August 1799); The elder of the Harpe Brothers.

Little Harpe, Outlaw and murderer; Wiley Harpe (North Carolina c. 1770 - January 1804).

Tess Harper, Actor; Tessie Washam (Mammoth Spring, Arkansas 15 August 1950).

Slim Harpo, Blues harmonica and singer; James Moore (Lobdell, Louisana 11 January 1924 - 31 January 1970).

Woody Harrelson, Actor, Woodrow Tracy Harrelson (Midland, Texas 1961).

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