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Edith Head, Costume designer, was born Edith Claire Posener, but brought up as Edith Claire Spare. (Searchlight, Nevada 28 October 1897 - 24 October 1981).

Ed Headrick, Developer of the Frisbee; Edward Early Headrick (Pasadena, California 28 June 1924 - 12 August 2002).

Jeff Healey, Guitarist; Norman Jeffrey Healey(Toronto, Ontario 25 March 1966 - 2 March 2008).

Ted Healy, Founder and first leader of the Stooges; Charles Earnest Lee Nash (Kaufman, Texas 1 October 1896 - 12 September 1937).

Chick Hearn, Sportscaster; Francis Dayle Hearn (Aurora, Illinois 27 November 1916 - 5 August 2002).

Randolph Hearst, Publisher; Randolph Apperson Hearst (New York, 2 December 1915 - 18 December 2000).

Rick Hearst, Actor; Richard Charles Herbst (Howard Beach, New York 4 January 1965). Also known as Richard C. Hearst.

Joey Heatherton, Dancer; Davenie Johanna Heatherton (Rockville Center, New York 14 September 1944).

Eileen Heckart, Actor, Anna Eileen Heckart (Columbus, Ohio 1919 - 31 December 2001).

David Hedison, Actor; Albert David Hedison, Jr., also known as Al Hedison (Providence, Rhode Island 20 May 1927).

Tippi Hedren, Actor, Nathalie Hedren, (USA, 1928).

Bobby Heenan, Wrestler, Raymond Louis Heenan also known as "The Brain" (Chicago, Illinois 1 November 1943).

Katie Heenan, Gymnast; Katherine Elaine Heenan (South Riding, Virginia 26 November 1985).

Pudge Heffelfinger, Football player; William Walter Heffelfinger (Minneapolis, Minnesota 20 December 1867 - 2 April 1954).

Van Heflin, Actor; Emmet Evan Heflin (USA, 1910-1971).

Hugh Hefner

Hugh Marston Hefner
Chicago, Illinois 9 April 1926

Hugh Hefner

O.P. Heggie, Actor, Otto Peters Heggie, (Angaston, Australia, 17 september 1879 - 7 February 1936).

Freddy Heineken, brewer; Alfred Henry Heineken (Amsterdam 4 November 1923 - 3 January 2002).

Amelia Heinle, Actor; Amelia Weatherly (Phoenix, Arizona 17 March 1973).

Robert Heinlein, Writer; Robert Anson Heinlein (1907-88).

Heinz, Singer, Guitarist; Heinz Burt (England, 1942-2000).

H.J. Heinz, Food industrialist; Henry John Heinz. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 11 October 1844 - 14 May 1919).

John W. Heisman, Football coach; John William Heisman (Cleveland, Ohio 25 October 1869 - 3 October 1936).

Fay Helm, Actor; Fay Lucille Helm (Bakersfield, California 9 Apr 1913 - 27 September 2003).

Katherine Helmond, Actor; Catherine Marie Helmond (Galveston, Texas
5 July 1934).

Heloise, Writer; Heloise Cruse Bowles Reese (Fort Worth, Texas 4 May 1919 - 28 December 1977). Succeeded by her daughter.

Heloise, Writer, first known as Heloise II; Pónce Kiah Marchelle Heloise Cruse Evans (Waco, Texas 15 April 1951). Took over the "Hints from Heloise" column after her mother, Heloise Reese, died in 1977.

Marg Helgenberger, Actor; Mary Margaret Helgenberger (Fremont Nebraska 16 November 1958).

Leona Helmsley, Hotel manager, Leona Rosenthal (USA, 1920).

Sir Arthur Helps, Writer; Arthur Helps (England 1813-75).

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