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Ha  Ham  Har  Harris  Hat  He  Hen  Hi  Ho  Hoo  Howard  Hu

Darryl Hickman; Actor; Darryl Gerard Hickman (Hollywood, California 28 July 1931).

Wild Bill Hickock, Frontiersman, James Butler Hickock, (USA, 1837-1876).

Dolores Hicks, Actor; Dolores Hicks (Chicago, Illinois 20 October 1938).

Kaii Higashiyama, Painter and writer; Shinkichi Higashiyama (Japan, 1908-99).

Hildegarde, Singer; Hildegarde Loretta Sell (Adell, Wisconsin 1 February 1906).

Jack Higgins, Writer; Harry Patterson (Newcastle, England 17 July 1929). Some sources cite Belfast as birthplace; he may have grown up there.

Patricia Highsmith, Writer; Mary Patricia Plangman (Fort Worth, Texas 19 January 1921 - 4 February 1995).

Arthur Hill, Actor; Arthur Edward Spence Hill (Melfort, Saskatchewan 1 August 1922 - 22 October 2006).

Benny Hill, Television comedian, Alfred Hawthorne Hill, (Southampton, England, 21 January 1924-20 April 1992).

Dana Hill, Actor; Dana Hill Goetz (Encino, California 6 May 1964 - 15 July 1996).

Derek Hill, Artist; Arthur Derek Hill (England, 1916-2000).

Faith Hill, Country singer; Audrey Faith Perry (Jackson, Mississippi 21 September 1967).

Harry Hill, Comedian; Matthew Hall (England 1964).

Joe Hill, Labour organizer/song writer, used the phrase "pie in the sky" in his song "The Preacher and the Slave"; Joel Emmanuel Haaglund, aka Joseph Hillstrom. (Sweden, 1872-1915).

Steven Hill, Actor; Solomon Krakovsky (Seattle, Washington 24 February 1922).

Tex Hill, Flying ace; David Lee Hill (Kwangju, Korea 13 July 1915).

Patricia Hilliard, Actor; Patricia Penn-Gaskell (Quetta, India 14 March 1916 - 19 May 2001, Ditchling, East Sussex).

Nicky Hilton, Celebrity; Nicholai Olivia Hilton (USA 5 October 1983). Sister of Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton, Celebrity; Paris Whitney Hilton (USA 17 February 1981).

Ronnie Hilton, Singer; Adrian Hill (Hull, Yorkshire, 26 January 1926 - 21 February 2001, Hailsham, East Sussex).

Jerome Hines, Opera singer; Jerome Albert Link Heinz (Hollywood, California 8 November 1921 - 4 February 2003).

Pat Hingle, Actor, Martin Patterson Hingle (USA, 1924).

Ando Hiroshige, Painter, Ando Totutaro, (Japan, 1797-1858).

Al Hirt, Jazz trumpeter; Alois Maxwell Hirt (New Orleans, Louisiana 7 November 1922 - 27 April 1999).

Alfred Hitchcock, Film director; Alfred Joseph Hitchcock (Leytonstone, London 13 August 1899 - 29 April 1980).

Shere Hite, Writer; Shirley Diana Gregory (St. Joseph, Missouri 2 November 1942).

Adolf Hitler, Dictator, Adolf Schickelgruber Hiedler (Germany 1889 - 1945; born in Austria).

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