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Shelley Fabares, Actor, Michele Fabares, (USA, 1944).

Fabian, Singer, Fabian Forte, (USA, 1943).

Françoise Fabian, Actor; Michèle Cortès De Leon y Fabianera (Touggourt, Algeria, 10 May 1932).

Fabio, Model; Fabio Lanzoni (Milan, Italy 15 March 1961).

Nanette Fabray, Actor, Ruby Bernadette Nanette Fabares, (USA, 1920).

Bent Fabric, Composer; Bent Fabricus Bjerre (Copenhagen, Denmark 7 December 1924) Also published as Frank Bjorn.

Max Factor, Make-up entrepeneur; Max Faktor (Lodz, Poland 1872 - 30 August 1938).

Sammy Fain, Composer (stage and Screen); Samuel Feinberg (New York 17 June 17, 1902 - 6 December 1989).

A. A. Fair, Writer, (Pseudonym used for mystery stories other than Perry Mason), Erle Stanley Gardner, (USA, 1889-1970).

Douglas Fairbanks Sr., Actor; Julius Ullman (Denver, Colorado 23 May 1883 - 12 December 1949).

Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Actor; Douglas Elton Fairbanks (New York City 9 December 1909 - 7 May 2000).

Morgan Fairchild, Actor, Patsy Ann McClenny (USA, 1950).

Adam Faith, Singer, actor, Terence Nelhams; later Nelhams-Wright. (London, England 23 June 1940 - 8 March 2003).

Duke Fakir, Singer (Four Tops); Abdul Fakir (Detroit 26 December 1935).

Lola Falana, Actor; Loletha Elaine Falana (Camden, New Jersey 11 September 1942).

Falco, Singer and musician; Johann (Hans) Hölzel (Vienna, Austria, 19 February 1957 – 6 February 1998).

Peter Falk, Actor; Peter Michael Falk (Born in New York City, New York 16 September 1927). He was Columbo.

Jinx Falkenburg, Actor, Television host, Eugenia Falkenburg, (Spain, 1919).

Jimmy Fallon, Comedian; James Thomas Fallon, Jr. (Brooklyn, New York 19 September 1974).

Georgie Fame, Singer, Clive Powell (1942).

Herb Fame, Singer, Herbert Feemster, (USA, 1943).

Dakota Fanning, Actor; Hannah Dakota Fanning (Conyers, Georgia 23 February 1994).

Fantastic Johnny C, Singer; John Corley (Greenwood, South Carolina 28 April 1943).

Donna Fargo, Country singer, Yvonne Vaughan (USA).

Mimi Farina, Folk singer and political activist; Mimi Margharita Baez (Stanford, California 30 April 1945 - 18 July 2001, Mill Valley).

Anna Faris

Anna Kay Faris
Baltimore, Maryland
29 November 1976

Anna Faris, Actor; Anna Kay Faris

Chris Farlowe, Singer; John Henry Deighton (Islington, North London 13 October 1940).

Jamie Farr, Television actor, Jameel Farah (USA, 1936).

Hugh Farr, Country singer; Thomas Hubert Farr (Llano, Texas 6 December 1903 - 17 March 1980).

Louis Farrakhan, Clergyman; Louis Eugene Walcott (Roxbury, Massachusetts 11 May 1933).

Perry Farrell, Singer; Perry Bernstein (New York City 29 March 1959).

Sharon Farrell, Actor, Sharon Forsmoe (USA, 1946). Also listed as Sharon Forthman.

Suzanne Farrell, Ballerina; Roberta Sue Ficker (Cincinnati, Ohio 16 August 1945).

Terry Farrell, Television Actor; Theresa Lee Farrell Grussendorf, (Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 19 November 1963). Jadzia Dax in the "Star Trek: Deep Space 9."

Mia Farrow, Actor, Maria de Lourdes Villiers Farrow, (USA, 1946).

Farruquito, Flamenco dancer; Juan Manuel Fernandez Montoya (Seville, Spain 1982).

Fatboy Slim, Lyricist and singer; Norman Cook (Bromley, England 13 July 1963). FAQ - Spelling

Minnesota Fats, Billiards player; Rudolph Wanderone (19 January 1913 - 18 January 1996); "Most recognized name in the history of billiards;" reached a wider audience when portrayed in 'The Hustler'. Some doubt about his birthdate; he offered several!

William Faulkner, Author, William Cuthbert Falkner, (USA, 1897-1962).

Farrah Fawcett, Television actor, Mary Farrah Lori Fawcett (USA, 1947).

Guy Fawkes, Gunpowder Plotter; birth records call him Guy Fauxe; he's also described as Faux in some documents. (Stonegate, Yorkshire, 13 April 1570 - 31 January 1606).

Alice Faye, Actor, Alice Jeanne Leppert (USA 1915-1998).

Dodi al-Fayed, Playboy and companion to Princess Diana; Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fayed (Alexandria, Egypt 15 April 1955 - 31 August 1997).

Frank Faylen, Actor; Frank Ruf (St. Louis, Missouri 8 December 1905 - 2 August 1985).

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