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Cilly Feindt, Circus Rider, Cecilia Feindt (Germany, 1909-99).

Dianne Feinstein, Politician; née Dianne Emiel Goldman (San Francisco, California 22 June 1933).

Michael Feinstein, Pianist; Michael Cohen (Columbus, Ohio 7 September 1956).

Barbara Feldon,

Barbara Hall
Butler, Pennsylvania
12 March 1932

Barbara Feldon

Tovah Feldshuh, Actor; Terri Sue Feldshuh (New York, New York 27 December 1952).

Maria Felix, Actor, Maria de los Angeles Felix Guerena, (Mexico, 1914).

Norman Fell, Actor, Norman Feld, (Philadelphia, USA, 24 March 1924 - 14 December 1998).

Freddie Fender, Singer/Guitarist, Baldemar G. Huerta,(also Huerta Baldemar) (USA, 1937).

Leo Fender, Guitar builder; Clarence Leonidas Fender (Fullerton, California 10 August 1909 - 21 March 1991).

Sherilyn Fenn, Actor, Sheryl Ann Fenn, (USA).

Fernandel, Comedian, Fernand Joseph Desire Contandin, (France, 1903-1971).

Lolo Ferrari, Celebrity; Eve Valois (France, 1970-2000). The willing victim of breast enhancement surgery - 18 times.

Will Ferrell, Actor; John William Ferrell (Irvine, California 16 July 1967).

José Ferrer, Actor; José Vicente Ferrer De Otero y Cintrón (Puerto Rico, 8 January 1909 - 26 January 1992).

Mel Ferrer, Actor, Melchior Gaston Ferrer, (USA, 1917).

Stepin Fetchit, Actor; Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry (Key West, Florida 30 May 1902 - 19 November 1985).

Charles Fey, Slot machine inventor, manufacturer, and operator; August Fey (Vohringen, Bavaria 2 February 1862 - 10 November 1944). In 1889 Fey decided to Americanize his name, and he changed to Charles August Fey.

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