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Anatole France, Writer  Jacques Anatole Thibault, (France, 1844-1924).

Anthony Franciosa, Actor; Anthony Papaleo (New York 25 October 1928).

Francis of Assisi, Monk/saint, Giovanni Francesco Bernardone, (Italy, 1181-1226).

Arlene Francis, Actor/Television Game show guest; Arlene Francis Kazanjian (Boston, Massachusetts 20 October 1907 - 31 May 2001).

Connie Francis, Singer  Concetta Franconera (1938).

Kay Francis, Actor; Katherine Edwina Gibbs (Oklahoma City 13 January 1899 - 26 August 1968). Birthdate may be anywhere between 1899 and 1911.

Miss Frances, Children's television presenter; Frances Horwich, née Rappaport (Ottawa, Ohio 16 July 1908 - 25 July 2001).

Genie Francis, Actor; Eugenie Ann Francis (Englewood, New Jersey 26 May 1962).

Don Francisco, Television host; Mario Kreutzberger (Talca, Chile 28 December 1940).

Buddy De Franco, Musician and bandleader, Boniface Ferdinand Leonardo De Franco, (USA, 1923).

Francisco Franco, Spanish dictator; Francisco Paulino Hermenegildo Teódulo Franco y Bahamonde Salgado Pardo de Andrade (El Ferrol del Caudillo 4 December 1892 - 20 November 1975).

Leslie Frank, Engraver/publisher, Henry Carter, (England, 1821-1880).

Franklin, Cartoonist; Stanley Arthur Franklin (London, 30 October 1930 - 2 February 2004).

Rosalind Franklin, Physical chemist; Rosalind Elsie Franklin (25 July 1920 - 16 April 1958). Worked with Crick, Watson and Wilkins to describe the fine structures of DNA.

Mary Frann, Actor; Mary Frances Luecke (St Louis, Missouri 27 February 1943 - 23 September 1998).

Dennis Franz,

Dennis Schlachta Maywood, Illinois
28 October 1944

Brendan Fraser, Actor; Brendan Fraser (USA 1968).

William Frawley, Actor; William Clement Frawley (Burlington, Iowa 26 Feb 1887 - 3 March 1966).

Freaky Tah, Rapper; Raymond Rodgers (New York 1971 - 28 March 1999).

Stan Freberg, Actor; Stanley Victor Freberg (Pasadena, California 7 August 1926).

John Fred, Singer; John Fred Gourrier (Baton Rouge, Louisiana 8 May 1941). Led the Playboy Band.

World B. Free, Basketball player; Lloyd B. Free (Savannah, Georgia 9 December 1953).

Alan Freed, Disc jockey; Albert James Freed (Johnstown, Pennsylvania 21 December 1921 - 20 January 1965).

Ace 'Spaceman' Frehley, Guitarist; Paul Daniel Frehley (Bronx, New York City 27 April 1951). Member of Kiss.

John Charles Fremont, US explorer/Presidential candidate, John Charles Fremon, (USA, 1813-1890).

Valerie French, Actor; Valerie Harrison (London 11 March 1932 - 3 November 1990).

Doug E. Fresh, Rapper; Douglas E. Davis (St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 17 September 1966). He grew up in the Bronx and Harlem districts of New York

Jonathan Frid, Actor; John Herbert Frid (Hamilton, Ontario 2 December 1924).

Betty Friedan, Women's Rights Activist, author, and a founder of the National Organization for Women; née Betty Naomi Goldstein (Peoria, Illinois 4 February 1921).

Kinky Friedman, Singer, author; Richard F. Friedman (Chicago, Illinois 31 October 1944). Some sources have "S" for middle initial.

William Friedman, Cryptologist; Wolfe Frederick Friedman (Kishinev, Moldavia 24 September 1891 - 12 November 1969).

Fred W. Friendly, Television journalist; Ferdinand Friendly Wachenheimer (New York City 30 October 1915 - 3 March 1998).

Frankie Frisch, Baseball player; Frank Francis Frisch (Bronx, New York 9 September 1898 - 12 March 1973).

Rocky Frisco, Keyboards; Rocky R Frisco (Saint Louis, Missouri 26 July 1937).

Lefty Frizzell, Singer, songwriter; William Orville Frizzell (Corisicana, Texas 31 March 1928 - 19 July 1975).

Gert Frobe, Actor, Karl-Gerhart Fröber (Goldfinger), (Oberplanitz, Zwickau, Germany, 25 February 1913-5 September 1988).

"Squeaky" Fromme, Attempted assassin, Lynette Alice Fromme, (USA, 1949).

David Frost, Television Personality; David Paradine Frost (1939).

Sadie Frost, Actor; Sadie Liza Vaughan (London, England 19 June 1965).

John Frusciante, Artist; Musician, Painter. Plays guitar for the Red Hot Chili Peppers; John Anthony Frusciante. (New York, 5 March 1970).

Christopher Fry, Playwright; Christopher Harris (Bristol, England 18 December 1907 - 30 June 2005).

Elizabeth Fry, Reformer/philanthropist, Elizabeth Gurney, (England, 1780-1845).

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