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Ca  Car  Carr  Cas  Cha  Che  Ci  Co  Com  Coo  Cor  Cr  Cu

Buster Crabbe, Actor; Clarence Linden Crabbe (Oakland, California 7 February 1908 - 23 April 1983).

James Craig, Actor, James Meador, (USA, 1912-1985).

Seàn Crampton, Sculptor, Arthur Edward Seàn Crampton (England 1918 - 1999).

Bob Crane, Actor; Robert Edward Crane (Waterbury, Connecticut 29 June 1978 - 13 July 1928).

Hart Crane, Poet; Harold Hart Crane (Garrettsville, Ohio 21 July 1899 - 27 April 1932).

Broderick Crawford, Actor, William Broderick Crawford, (USA, 1911-1986).

Cindy Crawford, Model, Cynthia Ann Crawford, (DeKalb, Illinois, 1966).

Joan Crawford, Actor; Lucille LeSueur (USA, 1904-1977).

Michael Crawford, Actor; Michael Patrick Dumble-Smith (1942).

Randy Crawford, Singer; Veronica Crawford (Macon, Georgia 18 February 1952).

Bettino Craxi, Politician; Benedetto Craxi (Italy 1934-2000).

Crazy Horse, Sioux leader, Tashunca-Uitco (USA, 1849-1877).

Dr. John Creaux, Singer; Malcolm John Rebennack, Jr. also known as Mac Rebennack. (New Orleans, Louisiana 20 November 1941).

Joseph Crehan, Actor; Joseph A. Creaghan (Baltimore, 12 July 1884 - 1966).

Kid Creole,
Thomas August Darnell Browder,
aka August Darnell

Montreal 12 August 1950

Kid Creole

Bob Crewe, Music producer; Stanley Robert Crewe (Newark, New Jersey 12 November 1937).

Michael Crichton, Writer, John Michael Crichton, (USA, 1942).

Francis Crick, Biologist; Francis Harry Compton Crick (Northampton, England 8 June 1916 - 28 July 2004). Worked with Franklin, Watson and Wilkins to describe the fine structures of DNA.

Little Katie Crippen, Blues singer; Ella White (Philadelphia, 17 November 1895 - 25 November 1929).

Donald Crisp, Actor, George William Crisp (Bow, London 27 July 1882 - 25 May 1974).

Quentin Crisp, 'The Stateliest Homo in England' (His words). On homosexuality, he said: "When I was young, you never mentioned it. Now, you never talk about anything else." Denis Pratt (England, 1908-99).

Peter Criss, Drummer; Peter Crisscoula (USA).

Judith Crist, Critic; Judith Klein (New York 22 May 1922).

Linda Cristal, Actor, Marta Victoria Moya Burges, (Argentina, 1934).

Violet de Cristoforo, Poet; Kasve Yamane (Ninole, Hawaii 3 January 1917 - 3 October 2007).

Davy Crockett, Pioneer and folk hero; David Crockett (Greene County, Tennessee 17 August 1786 - 6 March 1836).

Dash Crofts, Singer and drummer; Darrell Crofts (Cisco, Texas 14 August 1940).

Richmal Crompton, Writer, Richmal Crompton Lamburn (Bury, Lancashire 15 November 1890 - 11 January 1969).

James Cromwell, Actor; John Oliver Cromwell (Los Angeles, California 27 January 1940).

A. J. Cronin, Physician, author; Archibald Joseph Cronin (Cardross, Strathclyde 19 July 1896 - 6 January 1981).

Walter Cronkite, Television journalist; Walter Leland Cronkite Jr. (Saint Joseph, Missouri 4 November 1916).

Hume Cronyn, Actor, Hume Blake, (Canada, 1911).

Mackenzie Crook, Television actor; Paul Crook (The Office). England.

Bing Crosby, Actor, Harry Lillis Crosby (Tacoma, Washington 3 May 1903 - 14 October 1977). Died playing golf.

Bob Crosby, Singer and bandleader; George Robert Crosby (Spokane, Washington 23 August 1913 - 9 March 1993). He was the brother of Bing Crosby.

David Crosby, Musician and composer/singer, David Van Cortland, (USA, 1941).

Kathryn Crosby, Actor, Olive Kathryn Grandstaff, (USA, 1933). (widow of Bing)

Ben Cross, Actor, Harry Bernard Cross, (London, 16 December 1947).

Christopher Cross, Singer, Christopher Geppert (USA, 1951).

Clay Crosse, Singer, song writer; Wally Crosse (USA).

Scatman Crothers, Actor, Benjamin Sherman Crothers (USA, 1910-1986).

Jim Crow, Black face burlesque character, Thomas Dartmouth Rice, (USA, 1808-1860).

Tom Cruise, Actor; Thomas Cruise Mapother IV (Syracuse, New York, USA; 3rd July 1962).

Denny Crum, Basketball coach; Denzil E. Crum (San Fernando, California 2 March 1937).

R. Crumb, Cartoonist; Robert Crumb (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 30 August 1943).

Brandon Cruz, Actor; Brandon Edwin Williams (Bakersfield, California 28 May 1962).

Celia Cruz, Singer; Úrsula Hilaria Celia Caridad Cruz Alfonso (Havana, Cuba 21 October 1925 - 16 July 2003).

Penélope Cruz, Actor; Penélope Cruz Sánchez (Madrid, 28 April 1974).

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