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Xavier Cugat, Band leader, Francisco de Asis Javier Cugat Mingall de Brue y Deulofeo, (Spain, 1900-90).

Ely Culbertson, Bridge (Card game) expert,, Illya Culbertson (Romania, 1891-1955).

Countee Cullen, Poet; born Countee Thomas, and raise by his grandmother as Countee LeRoy Porter, adopted by Reverend Cullen. (Louisville, Kentucky 30 March 1903 - 9 Jan 1946).

e. e. cummings, illiterate poet; Edward Estlin Cummings (Cambridge, Massachusetts 14 October 1894 - 3 September 1962).

Constance Cummings, Actor, Constance Halverstadt, (USA, 1910).

Robert Cummings, Actor, Charles Clarence Robert Orville Cummings, (USA, 1908-90).

Marie Curie, née Marya Sklodowska; Chemist, physicist (Warsaw, Poland 7 November 1867 - 4 July 1934).

Kid Curry, Outlaw; Harvey Alexander Logan (Tama, Iowa 1867 - 9 June 1904). Birth details in considerable doubt.

Alan Curtis, Actor, Harry Uberroth, (USA, 1909-1953).

Jamie Lee Curtis, Actor; Jamie Lee Curtis (Los Angeles, California 22 November 1958). Also may be referred to as Baroness, Lady Haden-Guest.

Ken Curtis, Actor; Curtis Wain Gates (Lamar, Colorado 2 July 1916 - 29 April 1991).

King Curtis, Saxophonist; Curtis Ousley (Fort Worth, Texas 7 February 1934 - 13 August 1971).

Tony Curtis, Actor; Bernard Schwartz (New York City 3 June 1925).

Michael Curtiz, Film director; Mihaly Kertész (Budapest 24 December 1888 - 10 April 1962).

Miley Cyrus aka Miley Ray Cyrus

Actor and singer

Destiny Hope Cyrus
Nashville, Tennessee 23 November 1992

Glen Miller


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