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Gaby Casadesus, Pianist; née L'Hôte, (France, 1921 - 1999).

Pablo Casals, Conductor, cellist; Pau Carlos Salvador Casals Defilló (El Vendrell, Catalonia 29 December 1876 - 22 October 1973).


Adventurer, author and womanizer;

Giacomo Girolamo Casanova
Venice 2 Apri 1725 – 4 June 1798



Solanus Casey, religious leader; Bernard Casey (Eagle Rock, Wisconsin 25 November 1870 - 31 July 1957).

Johnny Cash, Singer, songwriter; J R Cash (Kingsland, Arkansas 26 February 1932 - 12 September 2003). Adopted John Ray when he enlisted in the forces.

June Carter Cash, Country Singer; Valerie June Carter (Maces Springs, Virginia 23 June 1929 - 15 May 2003).

Peggy Cass, Actor and comedian; Mary Margaret Cass (Boston, Massachusetts 21 May 1924 - 8 March 1999).

John Cassavetes, Actor; John Nicholas Cassavetes (New York City 9 December 1929 - 3 February 1989).

Jean Pierre Cassel, Television/ Actor, Jean Pierre Crochon (France, 1932).

Butch Cassidy, Bank Robber, Robert Le Roy Parker (USA 1866-1909). Nickname said to have originated from a time he spent as a butcher. See also The Sundance Kid

David Cassidy, Actor; David Bruce Cassidy (New York, New York 12 April 1950).

Hopalong Cassidy, Cowboy celebrity, William Lawrence Boyd (USA, 1898-1972)

Joanna Cassidy, Actor, Joanna Virginia Caskey, (USA, 1944).

Ted Cassidy, Actor; Theodore Crawford Cassidy (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 31 July  1932 – 16 January  1979).

Oleg Cassini, Fashion designer Oleg Lolewski-Cassini (Paris, 11 April 1913).

Baroness Castle of Blackburn, Honest politician; Barbara Ann Castle née Betts (Chesterfield, England 6 October 1910 - 3 May 2002).

Irene Castle, Dancer, Irene Foote (USA, 1893-1964).

Jeremy Castle, Country singer; Jeremy Glen Castle (Oklahoma City 2 August 1974).

Joann Castle, Musician (Lawrence Welk show), Jo Ann Zerling (USA, 1939).

Lee Castle, Musician and bandleader, Lee Castaldo, (USA, 1915).

Peggie Castle, Actor; Peggie Thomas Blair (Appalachia, Virginia 22 December 1926 - 11 August 1973).

Vernon Castle, Dancer, Vernon Blythe (England, 1887-1918).

William Castle, Film Director; William Schloss (New York City, 24 April 1914 - 31 May 1977, Los Angeles).

Fidel Castro, Revolutionary; Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz (Cuba 1926).

Phoebe Cates, Actor, Phoebe Katz, (USA, 1963).

Dick Cathcart, Actor; Charles Richard Cathcart (Michigan City, Indiana 6 November 24 - 8 November 1993).

Catherine II, The Great, Empress of Russia; Sophie Friederike Auguste, Prinzessin von Anhalt-Zerbst (Stettin, Russia 2 May 1729 - 17 November 1796).

Kim Cattrall, Actor; Clare Woodgate (Liverpool 21 August 1956).

Soo Catwoman, Punk singer; Sue Lucas aka Sue Catwoman.

Emma Caulfield, Actor; Emma Chukker (Greenville, California 8 April 1973).

Joan Caulfield, Actor; Joan Beatrice Caulfield (Orange, New Jersey 1 June 1922 - 18 June 1991). Some cite birth name as Beatrice Joan.

Cedric the Entertainer,

Cedric Kyles
Jefferson City, Missouri
24 April 1964

Mandy Moore

Bennett Cerf, Humorist, publisher, television panelist; Bennett Alfred Cerf (Manhattan, New York 25 May 1898 – 27 August  1971).

Miguel de Cervantes, Novelist, poet and playwright; Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (Alcalá de Henares, Spain 29 September 1547 – 22 April 1616); Author of "Don Quixote de la Mancha".

Gino Cervi, Actor, Luigi Cervi, (Italy, 1901-1974).

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