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Jackie Coogan, Actor, John Leslie Coogan Jr., (USA, 1914-1984).

Alistair Cooke, Broadcastor; Alfred Cooke (Salford, Lancashire 20 November 1908 - 30 March 2004).

Sam Cooke, Soul, R&B singer; Samuel Cook (Clarksdale, Mississippi, U.S 22 January 1931 - 11 December 1964).

Dame Catherine Cookson, Writer, Catherine Ann McMullen (England 1906 - 98).

LL Cool J, Rapper/Actor, James Todd Smith, (USA, 1968).

Spade Cooley, Bandleader and violinist; Donnell Clyde Cooley (Pack Saddle Creek, Oklahoma, 17 December 1910 - 23 November 1969). Self proclaimed King of Western Swing, Spade Cooley was convicted for the murder of his wife.

Calvin Coolidge - John Calvin Coolidge; 30th President of the United States; (Plymouth, Vermont 4 July 1872 - 5 January 1933).

Coolio, Rap artist, Artis Leon Ivey Jr., (USA, 1963).

Alice Cooper, Rock singer, Vincent Damon Furnier (USA, 1948).

Gary Cooper, Film Actor, Frank Cooper (USA 1901-1961).

Gordon Cooper, Astronaut; Leroy Gordon Cooper (Shawnee, Oklahoma 6 March 1927 - 4 October 2004).

Jackie Cooper, Actor / director; John Cooperman, Jr. (Los Angeles, California 15 September 1921).

James Fenimore Cooper, Novelist; James Cooper (Burlington, New Jersey 15 September 1789 - 14 September 1851).

Tommy Cooper,

Thomas Cooper
Caerphilly, Wales 9 March 1922 - 15 April 1984

Featured Celebrity

Wilma Lee Cooper, Grand Ole Opry singer, Wilma Leary, (USA, 1921).

Cowboy Copas, Country singer; Lloyd Estel Copas (Blue Creek, Adams County, Ohio 15 July 1913 - 5 March 1963).

David Copperfield, Illusionist, David Kotkin (USA, 1956).

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