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Dorothy Comingore Actor, Linda Winters, (USA, 1913-1971).

Perry Como, Singer, Perino Roland Como (Canonsburg, Pennsylvania 18 May 1912 - 12 May 2001, Jupiter Inlet, Florida).

Commodus, Roman Empereror (180 - 192); Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus. His full name after his succession was Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus (Rome 31 August 161 - 31 December 192).

Fay Compton, Silents and Talkies Actor, Virginia Lilian Emmeline Compton, (USA, 1894-1978).

Auguste Comte, Sociologist and founder of Positivism; Isidore Marie Auguste François Xavier Comte (Montpellier, France 19 January 1798 - 5 September 1857).

Art Concello, Trapeze artist and circus manager; Arturo M Vasconcellos aka Arthur M. Concello (Spokane, Washington 26 March 1912 - 4 July 2001, Florida).

Confucius, Teacher/moralist, Kunk Tze, (China, 551-477 B.C.).

Chester Conklin, Silent movie actor, Jules Cowles, (USA, 1886-1971).

Frank Conlan, Actor, Peter Murphy, (Ireland, 1874-1955).

Didi Conn, Actor, Didi Bernstein, (USA, 1951).

Jeff Conaway, Actor, Jeffery Charles William Michael (USA, 1950).

Marc Connelly, Playwright/screen writer, Marcus Cook, (USA, 1890-1980).

Sean Connery, Film Actor, Thomas Sean Connery (25 August Scotland 1930).

Harry Connick Jr., Singer/composer/musician, Joseph Harry Fowler Connick Jr., (USA, 1967).

Ray Conniff, Orchestra leader; John R. Conniff (Attleboro, Massachusetts 6 November 1916 - 12 October 2002).

Nadine Connor, Opera singer; Los Angeles 20 February 1913 - 1 March 2003).

Chuck Connors, Professional Ball Player, Actor, Kevin Joseph Connors (USA, 1921-1992).

Mike Connors, Television actor; Kreker Ohanian; (USA 1925).

Joseph Conrad, Writer, Teodor Josef Konrad Korzeniowski.

Pete Conrad, Astronaut, Charles Peter Conrad (USA 1930 - 1999).

Robert Conrad, Actor, Conrad Robert Falk (USA, 1935).

William Conrad, Radio/Actor (Cannon), William Cann, (USA, 1920-1994).

Hans Conried, Actor, Frank Conried (Baltimore, 15 April 1917 - 5 January 1982).

Michael Constantine, Actor; Constantine Joanides (Reading, Pennsylvania 22 May 1927) .

Richard Conte, Movie/actor, Nicholas Peter Conte, (USA, 1914-1975).

Bert Convy, Actor and Game Show Host; Bernard Whalen Convy (St. Louis, Missouri 23 July 1933 - 15 July 1991).

Russ Conway, Pianist; Trevor Herbert Stanford (Bristol, England 2 September 1925 - 16 November 2000).

Tim Conway, Actor; Thomas Daniel Conway (Willoughby, Ohio 15 December 1933).

Tom Conway, Actor; Thomas Charles Sanders (St Petersburg, Russia 15 September 1904 - 22 April 1967).

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