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Ca  Car  Carr  Cas  Cha  Che  Ci  Co  Com  Coo  Cor  Cr  Cu

Irene Cara, Actor and singer; Irene T Escalera (New York City 18 March 1959). Ms Cara has quoted her year of birth as 1964, on occasion.

Leos Carax, Movie Director, writer and actor, Alexander Dupont, (France, 1960).

Harry Caray, Baseball broadcaster; Harry Christopher Carabina (St. Louis, Missouri 1 March 1914 - 18 February 1998).

Claudia Cardinale, Actor; Claude Josephine Rose Cardin (Tunis, Tunisia 15 April 1938).

Ora Carew, Silent Actor, Ora Whytock, (USA, 1893-1955).

Arthur Edmund Carewe, Silents and Talkies Actor, Jan Fox, (Armenia, 1884-1937).

Harry Carey, Stage and Screen Actor; Henry De Witt Carey (New York, 16 January 1878 - 22 September 1947).

McDonald Carey, Actor; Edward Macdonald Carey (Sioux City, Iowa 15 March 1913 - 21 March 1994).

Philip Carey, Actor, Eugene Carey, (USA, 1925).

Frankie Carle, Piano player; Francis Nunzio Carlone (Providence, Rhode Island 25 March 1903 - 7 March 2001).

Richard Carle, Silents and Talkies Actor, Charles Nicholas Carleton, (USA, 1871-1941).

George Carlin, Comedian, author and actor; George Denis Patrick Carlin (New York City 12 May 1937 - 22 June 22, 2008).

Belinda Carlisle, Singer; Belinda Jo Carlisle, she became known as Belinda Kurczeski after her mother remarried (Hollywood, California, 17 August 1958).

Kitty Carlisle, Opera singer, actor; Catherine Conn (New Orleans, Louisiana 3 September 1910 - 17 April 2007). Also known as Kitty Carlisle Hart.

Yvonne de Carlo, screen siren and comedienne; Peggy Yvonne Middleton (Vancouver 1922).

Carlos the Jackal, Revolutionary; Ilich Ramírez Sánchez (Venezuela 12 October 1949).

Wendy Carlos, Composer; born Walter Carlos (Pawtucket, Rhode Island 14 November 1939). Gender reassigned in 1972.

Chris Carmack, Actor; James Christopher Carmack (Washington, DC 22 December 1980).

Hoagy Carmichael, Actor & songwriter; Hoagland Howard Carmichael (Bloomington, Indiana 22 November - 27 December 1981).

Judy Carne, Actor, Joyce Botterill, (Northampton, England 27 April 1939).

Dale Carnegie, Motivational writer, Dale Carnegey, (Maryville, Missouri 24 November 1888 - 1 November 1955).

Art Carney, Actor; Arthur William Matthew Carney (Mount Vernon, New York 4 November 1918 - 9 November 2003).

Martine Carol, Actor, Maryse Louise Mourer, (France, 1920-1967).

Sue Carol, Actor; Evelyn Lederer (Chicago, Illinois 30 October 1907 - 4 February 1982).

Leslie Caron, Actor; Leslie Claire Margaret Caron (Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris 1 July 1931).

Scott Carpenter, Astronaut; Malcolm Scott Carpenter (Boulder, Colorado 1 May 1925).

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