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Cicero, Statesman; Marcus Tullius Cicero (Arpinum, Italy 3 January 106 BC - 7 December 43 BC).

El Cid, Folk Hero, Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar (Spain 1043-1099).

Liz Claiborne, Fashion designer; Elisabeth Claiborne Ortenberg (Brussels, Belgium 31 March 1929).

Rene Clair, Movie Director, Rene Chomette, (France, 1898-1981).

Ina Claire, Actor; Ina Fagan (Washington, DC 15 October 1893 - 21 February 1985).

Tom Clancy, Author; Thomas Leo Clancy Jr. (Baltimore, Maryland 12 April 1947).

Eric Clapton, Guitarist/singer, Eric Clapp (England, 1945).

Ina Clare, Actor, Ina Fagan, (USA, 1892-1985).

"Buddy" Clark, Singer and Actor (Dubbed for William Holden, Mark Stevens and Jack Haley) Samuel Goldberg, (USA, 1912-1949).

Dane Clark, Actor  Bernard Zanville (USA 1913 - 98).

Dee Clark, Singer; Delectus Clark Jr. (Blytheville, Arkansas 7 November 1938 - 7 December 1990).

Dick Clark, Television Host/producer/actor, Richard Wagstaff Clark, (USA, 1929).

Fred Clark, Actor; Frederick Leonard Clark (Lincoln, California 19 March 1914 - 5 December 1968).

Gary Clark, Singer; Danny Wilson (USA 10 March 1962).

Gene Clark, Musician; Harold Eugene Clark (Tipton, Missouri 17 November 1944).

Ramsey Clark, Political activist; William Ramsey Clark (Dallas, Texas 18 December 1927).

Terri Clark, Singer; Terri Lynn Sauson (Montreal, Quebec 5 August 1968).

Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Science and science fiction writer; Arthur Charles Clarke (Minehead, Somerset, 16 December 1917 - 19 March 2008). Developed the theory that led to geostationary orbit for satellites, utilised by all communications satellites today.

Fred Clarke, Baseball player; Fred Clifford Clarke (Winterset, Iowa 3 October 1872 - 14 August 1960).

Mae Clarke, Actor, Violet Mary Klotz, (USA, 1907-1992).

Mike Clarke, Drummer; Michael Dick (Spokane, Washington 3 June 1944 - 19 December 1993).

Adrienne Clarkson, Journalist/Televisionhost/Governor General of Canada, Adrienne Poy, (Hong Kong, 1939).

Robert Clary, Television actor (Hogan's Heros), Robert Widerman (France, 1926).

Claudius, Roman Emperor (41 - 54); Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus. His full name after his succession was Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (Lugdunum, Gaul [now Lyon, France] 1 August 10 BC - 13 October 54).

Karl von Clausewitz, Military writer; Karl von Clausewitz (Prussia 1780-1831).

James Clavell, Screenwriter, novelist; Charles Edmund DuMaresq de Clavelle (Sydney, New South Wales 10 October 1924 - 7 September 1994).

Andrew Dice Clay, Talk show host, Andrew Clay Silverstein (Brooklyn, New York 29 September 1957).

David Clayton-Thomas, Singer; David Thomsett (Surrey, England 13 September 1941).

Beverly Cleary, Children's author; née Beverly Atlee Bunn (McMinnville, Oregon 12 April 1916).

Eldridge Cleaver, Civil rights campaigner and writer; Leroy Eldridge Cleaver (Wabbakeka, Arkansas 31 August 1935 - 1 May 1998).

John Cleese, Actor; John Marwood Cleese (Weston Super Mare, England 27 October 1939).

Roger Clemens, Baseball player; William Roger Clemens (Dayton, Ohio 4 born August 1962).

Hal Clement, Science fiction writer and teacher; Harry Clement Stubbs (Somerville, Massachusetts 30 May 1922 - 29 October 2003).

Roberto Clemente, Baseball player; Roberto Clemente Walker (Barrio San Anton, Puerto Rico 18 August 1934 - 31 December 1972).

Stanley Clements, Actor, Stanislaw Klimowicz, (USA, 1926-1981).

Miss Cleo, Career psychic; Youree Cleomili Harris (Los Angeles, 13 August 1962). Ms Cleo has also promoted her services under many pseudonyms, including Ree Perris, Youree Cleomili, Youree Dell Harris, Youree Cleolil Dell Harris, Youree Perris, Rae Dell Harris, Cleomili Perris Youree, Cleomili Harris.

Grover Cleveland, 22nd and 24th President of the United States; Stephen Grover Cleveland (Caldwell, New Jersey 18 March 1837 - 24 June 1908).

Van Cliburn, Pianist; Harvey Lavan Cliburn, Jr. (Shreveport, Louisiana 12 July 1934).

Jimmy Cliff, Singer; James Chambers (St. Catherine, Jamaica 1 April 1948).

Laddie Cliff, Actor, Clifford Albyn Perry, (England, 1891-1937).

Buzz Clifford, Singer; Reese Francis Clifford III (Berwyn, Illinois 8 October 1942).

Montgomery Clift, Actor, Edward Montgomery Clift, (USA, 1920-1966).

Patsy Cline, Country singer, Virginia Patterson Hensley (Winchester, Virginia, 8 September 1932 - 5 March 1963, Tennessee).

Bill Clinton, President of the United States; William Jefferson Blythe IV (Hope, Arkansas, 19 August 1946).

Colin Clive, Actor; Colin Clive-Greig (St. Malo, France 20 January 1900 - 25 June 1937).

George Clooney, Actor; George Timothy Clooney (Lexington, Kentucky 1961).

Jeremy Clyde, Singer; Michael Thomas Jeremy Clyde (Dorney, Buckhamshire, England 22 March 1941).

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