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Rube Waddell, Baseball pitcher; George Edward Waddell (Bradford, Pennsylvania 13 October 1876 - 1 April 1, 1914).

Honus Wagner, Baseball hall of famer, John (Hans) Peter Wagner, (USA, 1874-1955).

Kristina Wagner, Actor; née Kristina Crump (Indianapolis 30 October 1963). Previously Kristina Malandro, after her first husband.

Lindsay Wagner, Television actor, Lindsay Jean Ball (USA, 1949).

Richard Wagner, Composer; Wilhelm Richard Wagner (Leipzig, Saxony 22 May 1813 - 13 February 1883).

Bunny Wailer, Singer, musician; Neville O'Riley Livingston (Kingston, Jamaica 10 April 1947).

Jonathan Wainwright, Soldier; Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright IV (August 23, 1883 – September 2, 1953).

Chief Wakil, Rapper; Mansa Tsokwa Wakili (Kansas City, Missouri 8 August 1987).

Anton Walbrook, Actor, Adolph Anton Wilhelm Wohlbruck, (Austria, 1900-1967).

Jersey Joe Walcott, Heavyweight boxer; Arnold Raymond Cream (Merchantville, New Jersey 31 January 1914 – 25 February 1994).

Theo Walcott, Football player; Theodore Walcott (Stanmore, London 16 March 1989).

Robert Walden, Actor; Robert Wolkowitz (New York, New York 25 September 1943).

Wendy Waldman, singer-songwriter (founder member of Bryndle); born Wendy Steiner (Burbank, California 26 November 1951). Daughter of Fred Steiner, film and television composer.

Wally Wales, aka Hal Taliaferro, Silents and Talkies Actor, Floyd Taliaferro Alperson, (USA, 1895-1980).

Christopher Walken, Actor, Ronald Christopher Walken (New York, New York 31 March 1943).

Madame CJ Walker, Beautician and business woman; Sarah Breedlove McWilliams Walker (Delta, Louisiana 23 December 1867 - 25 May 1919). Used her name in various combinations.

Clint Walker, Actor, Norman Eugene Walker, (USA, 1927).

David Walker, Pilot and astronaut; David Mathieson Walker (Columbus, Georgia 20 May 1944 - 23 April 2001 Houston, Texas).

Doak Walker, Football Player; Ewell Doak Walker Jr. (Dallas, Texas 1 January 1927 - 27 September 1998).

Jerry Jeff Walker, Country singer songwriter; Ronald Clyde Crosby (Oneonta, New York 16 March 1942).

Junior Walker, Singer; probably first named Oscar G Mixon, later Autry DeWalt (Blytheville, Arkansas 14 June 1931 [possibly 1938] - 23 November 1995).

Mort Walker, Comic artist; Addison Morton Walker (Eldorado, Kansas 3 September 1923).

Nancy Walker, Television/Commercials actor; Anna Myrtle Swoyer (USA, 1923-1992).

Paul Walker, Actor; Paul William Walker IV (Glendale, California 12 September 1973).

Scott Walker, Singer; Noel Scott Engel (Hamilton, Ohio, USA 9 January 1944).

T-Bone Walker, Blues Guitarist; Aaron Thibeaux Walker (Linden, Texas 28 May 1910 - 16 March 1975).

Max Wall, Entertainer  Maxwell Lorimer (UK 1908).

Lew Wallace, Soldier, politician and author; Lewis Wallace (Brookville, Indiana 10 April 1827 - 15 February 1905).

Mike Wallace, Television host/interviewer, Myron Leon Wallace (USA, 1918).

Dee Wallace-Stone, Actor; Deanna Bowers (Kansas City, Missouri 14 December 1949).

Fats Waller, Jazz pianist, Thomas Wright Waller, (New York, 21 May 1904 - 15 December 1943).

Marc Wallice, aka Don Weber, Porn actor; Marc Stephen Goldberg (USA 3 October 1959).

Hal Wallis, Motion Picture Producer; Harold Brent Wallis (Chicago 14 September 1899 - 5 October 1986).

M. Emmet Walsh, Actor, Michael Emmet Walsh, (USA, 1935).

J.T. Walsh, Actor, James Patrick Walsh, (USA, 1943-1998).

Ray Walston, Actor; Herman Walston (Laurel, Mississippi 2 December 1914 - 1 January 2001).

Bruno Walter, Orchestra conductor; Bruno Walter Schlesinger (Berlin 15 September 1876 - 17 February 1962).

Jerrie Walters, Actor; Jane Withers (Atlanta, Georgia 12 April 1926).

Larry Walters, Amateur aviator; Lawrence Richard Walters, nicknamed Lawnchair Larry or the Lawn Chair Pilot, (California 19 April 1949 - 6 October 1993).

Bill Walton, Basketball player, sportscaster; William Theodore Walton (La Mesa, California 5 November 1952).

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