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Wa  Wan  Was  We  Werner  Wh  Wic  Will  Wilson  Win  Wo

Mary Wickes, Actor; Mary Isabelle Wickenhauser (St. Louis, Missouri 13 June 1910 - 22 October 1995).

Ann Widdecombe, Politician; Ann Widdecombe (England).

Richard Widmark, Actor; Richard Widmark (Sunrise, Minnesota 26 December 1914).

Elie Wiesel, Writer; Eliezer Wiesel (Sighet, Romania 30 September 1928).

Kate Douglas Wiggin, writer; née Kate Douglas Smith (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 28 September 1856 - 24 August 1923). Samuel B. Wiggin, her first husband, died in 1889; she later married George Riggs.

Henry Wilcoxon, Actor; Harry Frederick Wilcoxon (Roseau, Dominica 8 September 1905 - 6 March 1984).

Brandon De Wilde, Actor; Andre Brandon De Wilde (Brooklyn, New York 9 April 1942 - 6 July 1972).

Brian Wilde, Actor; Brian George Wilde (Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, England 13 June 1927 - 20 March 2008).

Cornel Wilde, Actor; Cornelius Louis Wilde(New York 18 October 1918 - 16 January 1989).

Marty Wilde, Singer, Reginald Smith (UK 1939).

Oscar Wilde, Writer, wit; Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde (Ireland 1854-1900).

Brandon de Wilde, Actor; Andre Brandon deWilde (Brooklyn, New York 9 April 1942 - 6 July 1972).

Billy Wilder, Movie writer/director/producer, Samuel Wilder (Sucha, Poland, 22 June 1906 - 27 March 2002).

Gene Wilder, Writer/Actor, Jerome Silberman (USA, 1935).

Wilhelm II, Kaiser of Germany; Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert von Hohenzollern (Potsdam 27 January, 1859–4 June 1941). He was the last Emperor of Germany.

Hoyt Wilhelm, Baseball Hall of Famer; James Hoyt Wilhelm (Huntersville, North Carolina 26 July 1922).

Maurice Wilkins, Physicist; Maurice Hugh Frederick Wilkins (Pongaroa, New Zealand 15 December 1916 - 5 October 2004). Worked with Crick, Franklin, and Watson to describe the fine structures of DNA.

Bud Wilkinson, Football coach; Charles Burnham Wilkinson (Minneapolis 23 April 1916 - 9 February 1994).

Tom Wilkinson, Actor; Thomas Geoffrey Wilkinson OBE (Leeds, England 5 February 1948).

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