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Wa  Wan  Was  We  Werner  Wh  Wic  Will  Wilson  Win  Wo

Don Was, Music producer; Donald Fagenson (Detroit, Michigan 13 September 1952).

Booker T. Washington, Statesman; Booker Taliaferro Washington (Hale's Ford, Virginia 5 April 1858 - 14 November 1915).

Dinah Washington, Singer; Ruth Lee Jones (Tuscaloosa, Alabama 29 August 1924 - 14 December 1963).

Martha Washington, United States' First First Lady; Martha Dandridge Custis Washington née Martha Dandridge (New Kent County, Virginia 2 June 1731 - 22 May 1802).

Muddy Waters, Blues singer, guitarist; McKinley Morganfield (Rolling Fork, Mississippi 4 April 1915 - 30 April 1983).

Roger Waters, Musician; George Roger Waters (Great Bookham, Surrey 6 September 1943).

Sam Waterston

Samuel Atkinson Waterston

Cambridge, Massachusetts
15 November 1940

Sam Waterston - PR Photos

PR Photos

Tuc Watkins, Actor, Charles Curtis Watkins, (USA, 1965).

Doc Watson, Singer; Arthel Lane Watson (Stoney Fork, Watauga County, North Carolina 3 March, 1923).

Emily Watson, Actor; Emily Anita Watson (Islington, London 14 January 1967).

Gene Watson, Country singer; Gary Gene Watson (Palestine, Texas 11 October 1943).

Jack Watson, Actor, Hubert Watson, (England, 1921-1999).

James D. Watson, Physicist; James Dewey Watson KBE(Hon) ForMemRS (Chicago, Illinois 6 April 1928). Worked with Crick, Franklin, and Wilkins to describe the fine structures of DNA.

JC Watts, former US Congressman and professional footballer; Julius Caesar Watts, Jr. (Eufala, Oklahoma 18 November 1957).

Evelyn Waugh, Novelist; Evelyn Arthur St.John Waugh; (Enland, 1903 - 1966).

David Wayne, Actor, Wayne James McKeekan (Traverse City,
Michigan 30 January 1914 - 9 February 1995).

John Wayne, Film actor  Marion Michael Morrison (Winterset, Iowa 26 May 1907 - 11 June 1979).

Johnny Wayne, Comedian (Wayne & Schuster), John Louis Weingarten, (Canada, 1918-1990).

Michael Wayne, Film producer; Michael Anthony Morrison (Los Angeles 23 November 1934 - 2 April 2003). Son of John Wayne.

Nina Wayne, Actor; Nina Rae Wayne (Chicago, Illinois 18 September 1943).

Patrick Wayne, Actor; Patrick John Morrison (Los Angeles, California 15 July 1939). Son of John Wayne.

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