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Wa  Wan  Was  We  Werner  Wh  Wic  Will  Wilson  Win  Wo

P.G. Wodehouse, Author, Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, (England, 1881-1975). Nickname was Plum.

Peter Wolf, Singer; Peter Blankfield (Salford, Manchester 3 July 1946). Formerly lead singer for the J. Geils Band.

Billy De Wolfe, Actor; William Andrew Jones (Wollaston, Massachusetts 18 February 1907 - 5 March 1974).

Maritta M Wolff, Novelist; Maritta Martin Wolff (Grass Lake, Michigan 25 December 1918 - 1 July 2002).

Wolfman Jack, Disc Jockey; Robert Weston Smith (Brooklyn, New York 21 January 1938 - 1 July 1995).

Stevie Wonder, Singer, songwriter. Variously stated to be Stephen Judkins Hardaway, Stevland Judkins, Steveland Judkins, Stevland Morris, and Stevland Morris Hardaway (USA 1952).

Faye Wong, Actor, Wang Jingmen, (China, 1969).

John Woo, Movie Director, writer and actor/producer, Yosen Woo, (China, 1946).

Brenton Wood, Singer; Alfred Jesse Smith (Shreveport, Louisiana 26 July 1941).

Lana Wood, Actor, Svetlana Gurdin (Santa Rosa California 1 March1946).

Natalie Wood, Actor, Natasha Nikolaevna Gurdin (San Francisco, California 20 July 1938 - 29 November 1981).

Roy Wood, Musician; Ulysses Adrian Wood (Birmingham, England 8 November 1946). He created ELO, Move, Wizzard.

John Wooden, Basketball player and coach; John Robert Wooden (Hall, Indiana 10 October 1910).

Francesca Woodman, Photographer; Francesca Woodman (Denver, Colorado 3 April 1958 - 19 January 1981).

John Woodruff, aka Long John Woodruff, Athlete; John Youie Woodruff (Connellsville, Fayette County, Pennsylvania 5 July 1915 - 30 October 2007).

Donald Woods, Actor, Ralph L. Zink, (Canada, 1906-1998).

Tiger Woods, Golfer; Eldrick Woods (Cypress, California 30 December 1975).

Woody, Singer (Dru Hill); James Green (USA).

Sheb Wooley, Country singer; Shelby F. Wooley (Erick, Oklahoma 10 April 1921 - 16 September 2003).

Virginia Woolf, Author, Virginia Stephen (England, 1882-1941).

Monty Woolley, Actor; Edgar Montillion Woolley (New York 17 August 1988 - 6 May 1963). Starred in "The Man Who Came to Dinner".

F W Woolworth, Retailer; Frank Winfield Woolworth (Rodman, New York 13 April 1856 - 8 April 1919).

"Hank" Worden, Cowboy character actor, Norton Earl Worden, (USA, 1901-1992).

Ernest P. Worrell, Comedian; (USA 1950 - 2000).The "P" is for "Powertools, apparently.

Constance Worth, Actor; Joy Howarth, (Australia, 1912-1963).

Irene Worth, Actor, Hattie Abrams, (USA, 1916).

Sir Henry Wotton, Poet; Henry Wotton (England 1568-1639).

Fay Wray, Actor; Vina Fay Wray (Cardston, Alberta, Canada 15 September 1907 - 8 August 2004).

Link Wray, Guitarist, composer; Frederick Lincoln Wray Jr. (Dunn, North Carolina 2 May 1929).

Chely Wright, Country singer; Richelle Renee Wright (Kansas City, 25 October 1970).

Frank Lloyd Wright, Artist and Designer; Frank Lloyd Wright; (USA, 1867-1959).

Laura Wright, Actor; née Laura Sisk (Washington, DC 11 September 1970).

Max Wright, Actor; George Edward Maxwell Wright (Detroit, Michigan 2 August 1943).

Marie Wright, Actor; (1 January 1861 - 1 January 1949).

Mickey Wright, Golfer; Mary Kathryn Wright (San Diego, California 14 February 1935).

Gretchen Wyler, Actor and animal activist; Gretchen Wienecke (Bartlesville Oklahoma 16 February 1922).

William Wyler, Film director; Wilhelm Weiller (Mulhouse, Haut-Rhin, Alsace 1 July 1902 - 27 July 1981).

Bill Wyman,
Bass guitarist, singer;

William George Perks
Penge, Kent, England
24 October 1936

Bill Wyman

Jane Wyman, Actor; Sarah Jane Mayfield, also known as Jane Durrell and Sarah Jane Fulks (St. Joseph, Missouri 5 January 1917 - 10 September 2007).

John Wyndham, Science fiction writer, John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris

Tammy Wynette, Singer, Virginia Wynette Pugh (USA 1942-1998)

Ed Wynn, Vaudeville stage/Actor, Isaiah Edwin Leopold, (USA, 1886-1966).

Keenan Wynn, Actor, Francis Xavier Aloysius Wynn, (New York City 27 July 1916 - 14 October 1986 ). Some sources have Francis Xavier Aloysius Keenan-Wynn.

Dana Wynter, Actor, also credited as Dagmar Wynter; Dagmar Spencer-Marcus (Berlin 8 June 1930).

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