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Wa  Wan  Was  We  Werner  Wh  Wic  Will  Wilson  Win  Wo

Jean Willes, Actor, Jean Donahue, (USA, 1923-1989).

Warren William, Movie (The Lone Wolf) actor, Warren William Krech, (USA, 1895-1948).

Andy Williams, Singer; Howard Andrew Williams (Wall Lake, Iowa 3 December 1927).

Anson Williams, Actor; Anson William Heimlick (Los Angeles, California 24 September 24, 1949).

Big Boy Williams, Actor; Guinn Terrell Williams Jr. (Decatur, Texas 26 April 1899 - 6 June 1962).

Barry Williams, Actor (The Brady Bunch); Barry William Blenkhorn (USA 1954).

Billy Dee Williams, Actor; William December Williams Jr. (Harlem, New York 6 April 1937).

Cara Williams, Actor; Bernice Kamiat (Brooklyn, New York 29 June 1925).

Carbine Williams, Weapons inventor; David Marshall Williams (Cumberland County, North Carolina 13 November 1900 - 8 January 1975).

Cootie Williams, Jazz trumpet; Charles Melvin Williams, (Mobile, Alabama, 10 July 1911 - 15 September 1985, New York, N.Y.).

Dave Williams, Singer, songwriter; David Williams (Dallas, Texas 28 February 1972 - 14 August 2002).

Deniece Williams, Singer; June Deniece Chandler (Gary, Indiana 3 June 1951).

Edy Williams, Actor, Edwina Beth Williams, (USA, 1942).

Frances Williams, Singer and Actor, Frances Jellinek, (USA, 1901-1959).

Guy Williams, Television actor (Zorro), Armand Catalano, (USA, 1924-1988).

Hank Williams, Country singer; Hiram Williams (Georgiana, Alabama, 17 September 1923 -1 January 1953). Misspelled on birth certificate as Hiriam, and many sources insist on 'Hiram King Williams'.

Hank Williams Jr.,Country singer & songwriter; Randall Hank Williams (Shreveport, Louisiana 26 May 1949).

JoBeth Williams, Actor; Margaret JoBeth Williams (Houston, Texas 6 December 1948).

Joe Williams, Jazz singer; Joseph Goreed (Cordele, Georgia 12 December 1918 - 29 March 1999).

Big Joe Williams, Blues musician and songwriter; Joseph Lee Williams (Crawford, Mississippi 16 October 1903 - 17 December 1982).

John Williams, Composer (soundtracks); John Towner Williams (Queens, New York City, 8 February 1932).

JPR Williams, Rugby player; John Peter Rhys Williams (Cardiff, Wales 2 March 1949).

Michelle Williams, Singer; Tenetria Michelle Williams (Rockford, Illinois 24 July 1980), one third of 'Destiny's Child'.

Montel Williams,
Talk show host

Montel Brian Anthony Williams
Baltimore, Maryland 3 July 1956

Montel Williams

Otis Williams, Singer; Otis Miles (Texarkana, Texas 30 October 1939).

Robbie Williams, Singer; Robert Peter Maximillion Williams (Newcastle, England 13 February 1974).

Robin Williams, Actor & comedian; Robin McLaurim Williams (Chicago, Illinois 21 July 1952).

Roger Williams, Pianist; Louis Jacob Weertz (Omaha, Nebraska 1 October 1924).

Spice Williams, Stunt actor; Spice Williams-Crosby, née Marcelyn Ann Williams (North Hollywood, California 22 April 1952).

Ted Williams, baseball player; Theodore Samuel Williams (San Diego, California 30 August 1918 - 5 July 2002).

Tennessee Williams, Writer, Thomas Lanier Williams

Treat Williams, Actor, Richard Treat Williams (Rowayton, Connecticut 1 December 1951).

Vanessa Williams, Actor, model and singer; Vanessa Lynn Williams (Millwood, New York 18 March 1963).

William B. Williams, Disc jockey; William Breitbard (Babylon, Long Island, New York 6 August 1923 - 3 August 1986).

Jack Williamson, Writer; John Stewart Williamson (Bisbee, Arizona 29 April 1908 - 10 November 2006), also wrote occasionally under the pseudonym Will Stewart.

Boxcar Willie, Country singer/songwriter, Lecil Travis Martin, (USA, 1931-1999).

Vic Willoughby, Motor cycle racer and journalist; Victor Herbert Willoughby (England 16 September 1914-16 November 2000).

Bruce Willis, Actor, Walter Bruce Willison (Idar-Oberstein, Germany 1955).

Bob Wills, Country and Western Fiddler; James Robert Wills (Kosse, Texas 6 March 1905 - 13 May 1975).

Chill Wills, Actor; Theodore Childress Wills (Seagoville, Texas 18 July 1902 - 15 December 1978).

Meredith Willson, Composer; Robert Reiniger Meredith Willson (Mason City, Iowa 18 May 1902 - 15 June 1984).

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