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Wa  Wan  Was  We  Werner  Wh  Wic  Will  Wilson  Win  Wo

CeCe Winans, Gospel singer; Priscilla Winans (Detroit, Michigan 8 October 1964).

Paul Winchell, Ventroloquist; Paul Wilchin (New York, New York 21 December 1922).

Walter Winchell, Columnist; Walter Winchel (New York City 7 April 1897 - 20 February 1972).

Claire Windsor, Actor; Clara Viola Cronk (Cawker City, Kansas 14 April 1897 - 24 October 1972).

Marie Windsor, Actor, Emily Mary Bertelson, (USA, 1922).

Amy Winehouse
Singer, songwriter

Amy Jade Winehouse
Southgate, London
14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011

Amy Winehouse


Oprah Winfrey, Television host; Oprah Gail Winfrey (Kosciusko, Mississippi 29 January 1954). Intended to be Orpah (Old Testament), Oprah was a spelling error on the birth certificate.

Debra Winger, Actor; Mary Debra Winger (Cleveland, Ohio 16 May 1955).

Mare Winningham, Actor, Mary Megan Winningham, (USA, 1959).

Lord Winston, Fertility expert; Robert Winston (England).

David Winters, Movie producer/director/actor, David Weizer, (England, 1939).

Jonathan Winters, Actor; Jonathan Harshman Winters III (Dayton, Ohio 11 November 1925).

Shelley Winters, Actor; Shirley Schrift (St Louis Missouri 18 August 1920 - 14 January 2006).

Estelle Winwood, Actor; Estelle Goodwin (24 January 1883 - 20 June 1984).

Sir Norman Wisdom, Actor, Norman Wisden (Paddington, London, 4 February 1918 - possibly 1915).

Ernie Wise, Comedian, Ernest Wiseman (UK 1925-99). (see Morecambe)

Lulu Belle Wiseman, Country singer; Myrtle Eleanor Cooper (Boone, North Carolina, 24 December 1913 - 8 February 1999).

Mac Wiseman, Bluegrass singer and guitarist; Malcom B. Wiseman (Crimora, Virginia 23 May 1925).

Doris Wishman, Film director; Doris Wishman (New York, 23 April 1920 - 10 August 2002: Possibly born as early as 1912). Rose to cult status through 'naturist' movies.

Googie Withers, Actor; Georgette Lizette Withers (Karachi, India 12 March 1917).

Reese Witherspoon, Actor; Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon (Nashville, Tennessee 22 March 1976).

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