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Ma  Mai  Mar  Mart  Mas  McA  McH  Me  Mer  Mi  Mim  Mo  Moo  Mor  Mu

Nell Moody, Singer, Teacher, Translator, Helen Pomfret Burra (England 1909-99).

Ron Moody, Actor; Ronald Moodnick (London 8 January 1924).

Captain Moonlight, Newspaper columnist; Charles Nevin (England).

Archie Moore, Boxing champion, Archibald Lee Wright, (USA, 1913-1998).

Brian Moore, Football (Soccer) commentator; Brian Baden Moore (Benenden, Kent 28 February 1932 - 1 September 2001, Orpington, Kent).

Clayton Moore, Actor; Jack Carlton Moore (Chicago, Illinois 14 September 1914 - 28 December 1999). He was the The Lone Ranger.

Cleo Moore, Actor; Cleouna Moore (Baton Rouge, Louisiana 31 October 1928 - 25 October 1973).

Colleen Moore, Actor, Kathleen Morrison, (USA, 1900-1988).

Demi Moore, Actor, Demetria Guynes, (Roswell, New Mexico, 1962).

Dickie Moore, Actor; John Richard Moore, Jr., aka Dickey Moore; Dick Moore (Los Angeles, California 12 September 1925).

Dickie Moore, Ice hockey player; Richard Winston Moore (Montreal, Quebec 6 January 1931).

Garry Moore, Television host; Thomas Garrison Morfit III (Baltimore, Maryland 31 January 1915 - 1993).

Julianne Moore, Actor, Julie Anne Smith, (North Carolina 3 December 1960).

Kieron Moore, Actor, Kieron O'Hanrahan, (Ireland, 1924).

Mandy Moore, Singer and actor; Amanda Leigh Moore
(Nashua, New Hampshire 10 April 1984).

Melba Moore, Singer and actor; Beatrice Moore (New York City 29 October 1945).

Roger Moore, Actor; Roger George Moore (Stockwell, London, England 14 October 1927).

Terry Moore, Actor, Helen Koford, (USA, 1929).

Vicki Moore, Animal rights campaigner, n?e Victoria Lucille Seel; (England, 1956-2000).

Agnes Moorehead, Actor; Agnes Moorehead (Clinton, Mass. 1906 - 30 April 1974).

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