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Ma  Mai  Mar  Mart  Mas  McA  McH  Me  Mer  Mi  Mim  Mo  Moo  Mor  Mu

Billy Martin, Major league baseball player and manager, was born Alfred Manuel Pesano, aka Alfred Manuel Martin (Berkeley, California 16 May 1928 - 25 December 1989).

Dean Martin, Singer, actor; Dino Crocetti (USA 1917-98).

Dick Martin, Comedian; Richard Martin (Battle Creek, Michigan 30 January 1922). See also Dan Rowan.

Don Martin, Cartoonist; Don Edward Martin (Passaic, New Jersey 18 May 1931 - 6 January 2000).

Judith Martin, Etiquette columnist (Miss Manners); Judith Sylvia Perlman (Washington, DC 13 September 1938).

Mary Martin, Actor and singer; Mary Virginia Martin (Weatherford, Texas 1 December 1913 - 3 November 1990). Mother of Larry Hagman.

Pepper Martin, Baseball player, John Martin, (USA, 1904-1965).

Quinn Martin, Television producer; Martin Cohn (New York City, New York 22 May 1922 - 6 September 1987).

Ricky Martin, Actor, musician; Enrique Jose Martin Morales IV (San Juan, Puerto Rico 24 December 1971).

Ross Martin, Actor; Martin Rosenblatt (Grodek, Poland 22 March 1920 - 3 July 1981).

Steve Martin, Comedian and comic actor; Stephen Glenn Martin (Waco, Texas 14 August 1945).

Tony Martin, Singer; Alvin Morris (25 December 1912). Probably born in California, though sources disagree on exact location. Once source gives Tamworth, Australia.

Wink Martindale, Television game show host, Winston Conrad Martindale, (USA, 1934).

Alice Martineau, Singer, songwriter and model; Alice Katherine Martineau (London 8 June 1972 - 6 March 2003).

A Martinez, Actor; Adolfo Martinez (Glendale, California 27 September 1948).

Al Martino, Singer; Alfred Cini (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 7 October 1928).

John Martyn, Singer / songwriter; Ian David McGeachy (New Malden, Surrey 11 September 1948).

Hank Marvin, Lead guitarist; Brian Rankin (Newcastle-upon-Tyne 28 October 1941). Founder member of The Shadows.

Chico Marx, Comedian, Leonard Marx, (New York 22 March 1887 – 11 October 1961).

Groucho Marx, Comedian, writer, Julius Marx, (Manhattan, New York 2 October 1890 – 19 August 1977).

Gummo Marx, Original Marx brother, Milton Marx, (New York City 23 October 1893 - 21 April 1977).

Harpo Marx, Comedian, Adolph Marx, (New York City 23 November 1888 - 28 September 1964). Later known as Arthur.

Karl Marx, Economic theorist and revolutionary; Karl Heinrich Marx (1818-1883).

Susan Marx, Actor; née Susan Fleming "The Actress with the Million Dollar Legs" (New York 19 February 1908 - 22 December 2002). Married Harpo Marx 1936.

Zeppo Marx, Fifth Marx brother, Herbert Marx, (USA, 1901-1979).

Mary, Queen Of Scots, Queen of Scotland, and pretender to the English throne; Mary Stuart (Linlithge Palace 8 Deember 1542 - 8 February 1587).

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