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Michael Meacher, Politician; Michael Hugh Meacher (England 4 November 1939).

Vaughn Meader, Comedian and President Kennedy impersonator; Abbott Vaughn Meader (Waterville, Maine 20 March 1936 - 29 October 2004).

Audrey Meadows, Audrey Cotter, Television actor (China, 1922-1996).

Jayne Meadows, Jayne Cotter, Television actor and Guest panelist (USA).

Meatloaf, Singer; Michael Lee Aday, né Marvin Lee Aday. (Dallas, Texas 27 September 1947).

Meco, Music arranger; Domenico Monardo (Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania 19 November 1939).

Kay Medford, Actor; Maggie O'Regin (New York City 14 September 1914 - 10 April 1980).

Tony Meehan, Drummer; Daniel Meehan (Hampstead, London 22 March 1943). Founder member of the Shadows, and later partnered Jet Harris.

Joe Meek, Record Producer; Robert George Meek (Newent, England 5 April 1929 - 3 March 1967, Holloway, England ).

Ralph Meeker, Actor; Ralph Rathgeber (Minneapolis, Minnesota 21 November 1920 - 5 August 1988).

Meher Baba, regarded by himself and his followers as an Avatar (an incarnation of God in human form); Merwan Sheriar Irani (Pune, India 25 Febuary 1894 - 31 January 1969). He has been credited with the saying "Don't worry, be happy ".

Golda Meir, Politician, Golda Mabovitz (Israel 1898-1978).  Born in Russia, lived in USA before emigrating to Palestine; adopted her Hebrew name on becoming a government minister, 1956.

Eddie Mekka, Television actor, Robert Edward Mekkian, (USA, 1952).

Mel (Mel and Tim), Singer; Mel Hardin (Holly Springs, Mississippi).

Melanie, Singer (specializes in Roller Skates); Melanie Safka (New York, USA 1947).

Nellie Melba, Soprano, Helen Porter Mitchell, (Australia 1859-1931) took the name from her hometown Melbourne, lent her name to Peach Melba and Melba Toast.

2nd Viscount (Lord) Melbourne, British P.M,, William Lamb, (England, 1779-1848).

Terry Melcher, Record producer; Terry Jordan (New York City 8 February 1942 .- 19 November 2004).

Lauritz Melchior, Singer; Lauritz Lebrecht Hommel Melchior (Copenhagen 20 March 1890 - 18 March 1973).

Marisa Mell, Actor, Marlies Moitzi, (Austria, 1939).

Larry "Bud" Melman Television actor (David Letterman show) Calvert DeForest, (USA, 1921).

H.L.Mencken, Writer; Henry Louis Mencken (1880-1956).

Felix Mendelssohn, Composer; Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (Hamburg, Germany 3 February 1809 - 4 November 1847).

Josef Mengele, Concentration camp physician; also known as Peter Hochbichler, alias Wolfgang Gerhard (Gynzburg, Bavaria 16 March 1911 - 7 February 1979).

Adolphe Menjou, Actor; Adolphe Jean Menjou (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 18 February 1890 – 29 October 1963).

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