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Jackie Mason, Comedian, Jacob Moshe Maza (USA, 1931).

James Mason, Actor; James Neville Mason (Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England 15 May 1909 - 27 July 1984).

Pamela Mason, Actor, author, Television host, Pamela Ostrer, (England, 1918-1996), (wife of James Mason).

Ilona Massey, Actor; Ilona Hajmássy (Budapest - now in Hungary - 16 June 1910 - 20 August 1974).

Nick Massi, Singer; Nicholas Macioci (Newark, New Jersey 19 September 1935 - 24 December 2000).

Leonid Massine, Ballet Dancer, Leonid Fedorovitch Miassine, (Russia, 1895-1979).

Bat Masterson, Gambler, lawman and journalist; William Batholomew Masterson (Quebec, Canada 24 November 1853 - 25 October 1921). Some sources claim his birth name was William Barclay Masterson.

Peter Masterson, Director, actor; Carlos Bee Masterson Jr (Houston, Texas 1 June 1934)

Marcello Mastroianni, Actor, Marcello Vincenzo Domenico Mastrojanni, (Italy, 1924-1996).

Mata Hari, Spy, Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, (Netherlands 1876-1917). Pseudonym said to have originated with the Malay for "eye of the day".

Tim Matheson, Actor, Tim Matthieson, (Glendale, California 1 December 1947).

Eddie Mathews, Baseball player; Edwin Lee Mathews, Jr. (Texarkana, Texas 13 October 1931 - 18 February 2001).

Larry Mathews, Actor; Larry Mazzeo (Burbank, California 15 August 1955).

Christy Mathewson, Baseball Hall of Famer; Christopher Mathewson (Factoryville, Pennsylvania 12 August 1880 7 October 1925).

Johnny Mathis, Singer; John Royce Mathis (Gilmer, Texas 30 September 1935).

Marlee Matlin
Movie actor

Marlee Beth Matlin
Morton Grove, Illinois
24 August 1965

Marlee Matlin


Drea de Matteo, Actor; Andrea Donna de Matteo (Queens, New York
19 January 1972).

Walter Matthau, Actor; Walter Matthow (New York City 1 October 1920 - 2000). Matasschanskayasky, the name often claimed, was probably a joke. In 1937, Matthau entered his middle name on a Social Security form as Foghorn. He never corrected this 'error'.

Victor Mature, Actor, Victor John Mature, (USA 1913-99).

W. Somerset Maugham, Writer; William Somerset Maugham (Paris 25 January 1874 - 16 December 1965).

Guy de Maupassant, Writer; Henri René Albert Guy de Maupassant (Dieppe, France 5 August 1850 - 6 July 1893).

Lady Daphne Du Maurier, Author, Daphne Du Maurier Browning, (England, 1907-1989).

André Maurois, Novelist; Emile Salomon Wilhelm Herzog (Elbeuf, France 26 July 1885 - 9 October 1967).

Peter Max, Artist; Peter Max Finkelstein (Berlin 19 October 1937).

Maximilian I, Emperor of Mexico; Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph of Austria (Vienna, Austria 6 July 1832 – 19 June 1867).

Maxwell was born May 23, 1973, in Brooklyn, NY; he adopted his middle name as his stage name, keeping his real identity a secret out of concern for his family's privacy.

Lois Maxwell, Actor; Lois Hooker (Toronto, Canada 14 February 1927).

Marilyn Maxwell, Actor; Marvel Marilyn Maxwell (Clarinda, Iowa 3 August 1921 - 20 March 1972).

Robert Maxwell, Fraud, Jan Ludvik Hoch (Slatinske Dòly, Czech Republic 10 June 1923 - 5 November 1991). Aka Ivan du Maurier (after a favorite brand of cigarettes), and Leslie Jones. Also known as 'The Bouncing Czech'

Elaine May, Film director, screenwriter and actor; Elaine Berlin (Philadelphia 21 April 1932).

Big Maybelle, Blues singer; Mabel Louise Smith (Jackson, Tennessee 1 May 1924 - 23 January 1972).

Louis B Mayer, Movie executive, Ezemiel Mayer, (Russia, 1882-1957).

Mitzi Mayfair, Actor, Emylyn Pique, (USA, 1914-1976).

Ferdy Mayne, Actor, Ferdinand Philip Mayer-Hockel, (Germany, 1916-1998).

Virginia Mayo, Actor; Virginia Clara Jones (St. Louis, Missouri 30 November 1920 -17 January 2005).

Mike Mazurki, Actor; Mikhail Mazurwski (Tarnopol, Austria 25 December 1907 - 9 December 1990).

Paul Mazursky, Film director; Irwin Mazursky ( New York City 25 April 1930).

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