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Gerhardus Mercator, cartographer; Gerhard Kremer (Rupelmonde, Flanders 5 March 1512 - 2 December 1594).

Ismail Merchant, Movie producer and director, Ismail Noormohamed Abdul Rehman, (India, 1936).

Vivien Merchant, Actor, Ada Thompson, (England, 1929-1982).

Melina Mercouri, Actor; Maria Amalia Mercouri (Athens, Greece 18 October   1920 - 6 March 1994).

Freddie Mercury, Singer, Farrokh Bulsara (Zanzibar, 5 September 1946 - 24 November 1991). Spelling varies.

Burgess Meredith, Actor; Oliver Burgess Meredith (Cleveland, Ohio 16 November 1907 - 9 September 1997).

Iris Meredith, Actor; Iris Meredith Berlin, née Marie Shunn (Sioux City, Iowa 3 June 1915 - 22 January 1980).

S. Epatha Merkerson, Actor; Sharon Epatha Merkerson (Saginaw, Michigan 28 November 1952).

Elsa Merlini, Actor, Elsa Tscheliesnig, (Austria-Hungary, 1903-1983).

Rena Mero, Wrestler; née Rena Greek. She appears in the ring as Sable, and is also known as Rena Mero-Lesnar (Jacksonville, Florida 8 August 1967).

David Merrick, Theater producer and director; David Lee Margulois (St. Louis, Missouri 27 November 1911 - 25 April 2000).

John Merrick, also known as The Elephant Man; Joseph Carey Merrick (Leicester, England (5 August 1862 - 11 April 1890).

Helen Merrill, Jazz singer; Jelena Ana Milcetic (New York City 21 July 1930).

Robert Merrill, Opera singer (baritone); Moishe Miller (Brooklyn 4 June 1917).

Ethel Merman, Singer, comedian, Ethel Zimmerman (USA 1908).

Mary Merrall, Actor, Mary Lloyd, (England, 1890-1976).

Dina Merrill, Actor, Nedenia Hutton, (USA, 1925).

Frank Mesmer, Physician; Franz Anton Mesmer, a.k.a. Friedrich Anton Mesmer (Iznang, Swabia, Germany 23 May 1734 - 5 March 1815); He described 'animal magnetism'; his name is the basis of the word 'mesmerism'.

Willy Messerschmitt, Aircraft designer and manufacturer; Wilhelm Emil Messerschmitt (Frankfurt am Main, Germany 26 June 1898 - 15 September 1978).

Debra Messing, Actor; Debra Moessing (Brooklyn, New York 15 August 1968).

Perle Mesta, Celebrity; née Perle Reid Skirvin (Sturgis, Michigan 12 October 1889 - 16 March 1975).

Grace Metalious, Novelist; née Grace Marie Antoinette Jeanne d'Arc de Repentigny - Marie Grace for short (Manchester, New Hampshire 8 September 1924 - 25 February 1964).

Russ Meyer, Film director; Russell Albion Meyer (Oakland, California 21 March 1921 - 18 September 2004).

Kweisi Mfume, US politician and civil rights activist; Frizzell Gray (Baltimore, Maryland 24 October 1948). Changed his name in the 70s; "It's West African. I did it at a time when my life was changing tremendously. My great-aunt suggested it. She said, "Kweisi means 'conquering' and Mfume means 'son of kings.' "

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