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Norman Mailer, Writer; Norman Kingsley Mailer (Long Branch, New Jersey 31 January 1923 - 10 November 2007).

Maimonides, Rabbi, physician, and philosopher; Moshe ben Maimon (Córdoba, Spain 30 March 1135 - 13 December 1204).

Marjorie Main, Actor, Mary Tomlinson, (USA, 1890-1975).

Sananda Maitreya, Singer; previous known as Terence Trent D'arby (Manhattan, New York 15 March 1962).

Rocky "The Rock" Maivia, WWF wrestler, Dwayne Johnson (USA).

John Major, Politician; John Major (Carshalton, Surrey 29 March 1943). Born the son of Tom Major-Ball, he was christened John Roy Major, but only John Major appears on his birth certificate.

Tina Majorino, Actor; Albertina Marie Majorino (Westlake, California 7 February 1985).

Lee Majors, Actor, Harvey Lee Yeary II, (USA, 1941).

Archbishop Makarios III, Religious Leader and politician, Mihail Christodoulou Mouskos, (Cyprus, 1913-1977).

Miriam Makeba, Singer; Zensi Miriam Makeba ( Prospect, South Africa 4 March 1932).

Mako, Martial arts Actor, Makoto Iwamatsu, (Japan, 1933).

Jean Malaquais, Writer, Wladimir Malacki (Poland; 1908-1998).

Karl Malden, Actor; Mladen Sekulovic (Chicago, Illinois, 22 March 1914).

Malcolm X, Political campaigner, Malcolm Little (USA 1925 - 1965). Adopted the 'X' to represent his unknown African ancestral name.

John Malkovich, Actor; John Gavin Malkovich (Christopher, Illinois 9 December 1953).

Dorothy Malone, Actor, Dorothy Maloney, (USA, 1925).

Eily Malyon, Actor, Eilys Lees-Craston, (England, 1879-1961).

Henry Mancini, Composer and conductor, Enrico Nicola Mancini, (Cleveland, Ohio 16 April 1924 - 14 June 1994).

Howie Mandel, Comedian and television host; Howard Michael Mandel (Toronto, Ontario, Canada 29 November 1955).

Nelson Mandela, Statesman; Rolihlahla Dalibhunga Mandela (Umtata, Transkei 18 July 1918). Given his anglicised name, Nelson, at school.

Winnie Mandela, former wife of Nelson; née Nomzamo Nomandla Winnifred Madikizela, also listed as Nomzamo Zaniewe Winnifred Mandela (Bizana, Pondoland, Transkei 26 September 1936).

Louise Mandrell, Country singer; Thelma Louise Mandrell (Corpus Christi, Texas 13 July 1954).

Costas Mandylor, Actor and former soccer star; Costas Theodosopoulos (Melbourne, Australia 3 September 1965).

Louis Mandylor, Actor, Louis Theodosopoulos, (Australia, 1966).

Saturnino Manfredi, Actor and director; Castro dei Volsci (Italy 22 March 1921 - 4 June 2004).

Camryn Manheim, Actor, Debra Frances Manheim, (USA, 1961).

Barry Manilow, Songwriter and singer, Barry Alan Pincus, (USA, 1943).

Anthony Mann, Movie director, Emil Anton Bondesmann, (Germany, 1906-1967).

Barry Mann, Songwriter; Barry Iberman (Brooklyn, New York 9 February 1939).

Daniel Mann, Movie and television director, Daniel Chugerman, (Brooklyn, New York, 8 August 1912 - 21 November 1991).

Herbie Mann, Flautist and composer; Herbert Jay Soloman (New York 16 April 1930 - 1 July 2003).

Manfred Mann, Musician and Composer, Michael Leibowitz, (South Africa, 1940).

Miss Manners, Etiquette Columnist; Judith Martin, née Judith Sylvia Perlman (Washington DC 13 September 1938).

Eli Manning, Football player; Elisha Nelson Manning (New Orleans, Louisiana 3 January 1981).

Mick Mannock, Air ace; Edward Corringham Mannock (Ballincollig, County Cork, Ireland 24 May 1887 - 26 July 1918).

Manolette, Matador, Manuel Loreano Rodriguez Sanchez, (Spain, 1917-1948).

Jayne Mansfield, Actor, Vera Jane Palmer (1932-1967).

Katherine Mansfield, Writer; Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp (Wellington, New Zealand 14 October 1888 - 9 January 1923).

Marilyn Manson, Rock celebrity, Brian Warner, (USA, 1969).

Mantovani, Orchestra leader; Annunzio Paolo Mantovani (Venice, Italy 15 November 1905 - 29 March 1980).

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