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Wa  Wan  Was  We  Werner  Wh  Wic  Will  Wilson  Win  Wo

Jim Weatherly, Singer; James Dexter Weatherly (Pontotoc, Mississippi 4 March 1943).

Dennis Weaver, Actor; Billy Dennis Weaver (Joplin, Missouri 4 Jun 1924).

"Doodles" Weaver, Actor, Winstead Sheffield Weaver (USA, 1911-1983).

Sigourney Weaver, Actor, Susan Alexandra Weaver (USA, 1949).

Chick Webb, Jazz drummer; William Henry Webb (Baltimore, 10 February 1902 - 16 June 1939, Baltimore).

Clifton Webb, Actor; Webb Parmalee Hollenbeck (Beech Grove, Indiana 19 November 1889 - 13 October 1966).

Jack Webb, Actor; John Randolph Webb (Santa Monica, California 2 April 1920 - 23 December 1982).

Spud Webb, Basketball player; Anthony Jerome Webb (Dallas, Texas 13 July 1963).

Ted Weems, Bandleader, violinist and trombonist; Wilfred Theodore Weymes (Pitcairn, Pennsylvania 26 September 1901 - 6 May 1963).

Samuel Weil, Film director; Lloyd Kaufman (USA).

Scott Weiland, Singer; Scott Kent (Santa Cruz, California 27 October 1967). Name changed on adoption by stepfather.

Bob Weir, Rhythm guitarist; Robert Hall (San Francisco, California 16 October 1947).

Molly Weir, Actor; Mary Weir (Springburn, Glasgow 17 March 1910 - 28 November 2004).

Johnny Weismuller, Olympic Swimmer/Actor "Tarzan", Jonas Weismuller, (Romania, 1904-1984).

Bruce Welch, Guitarist; Bruce Cripps (Bognor Regis, Sussex 2 November 1941). Founder member of The Shadows.

Raquel Welch, Actor, Jo Raquel Tejada (USA, 1940).

Tuesday Weld, Actor, Susan Kerr Weld (USA, 1943).

Paul Weller, Singer and guitarist; John William Weller (Woking, Surrey 25 May 1958).

Orson Welles, Actor, writer and director; George Orson Welles (Kenosha, Wisconsin 6 May 1915 - 9 October 1985).

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, Soldier; Arthur Wesley (Dublin 1 May 1769).

Cory Wells, Singer; Emil Lowendowski (Buffalo, New York 5 February 1942).

H.G. Wells, Author, Herbert George Wells (England, 1866-1946).

Jerold Wells, Actor, Denis Gerald Walls (England, 1908-1999).

John Wells, Actor; Gian Maria Volonté (Milan, Italy 9 April 1933 - 6 December 1994).

Junior Wells, Blues musician, Amos Blackmore, (USA, 1934-1998).

Kitty Wells, Country western singer; Ellen Muriel Deason (Nashville, Tennessee 30 August 1919).

Raymond Wells, Silent Movie director/actor/writer, Frank Wellsmartin, (USA, 1880-1941).

Señor Wences, Ventriloquist, Wenceslao Moreno (Spain, 1896-1999).

Jann Wenner, Publisher; Jan S Wenner (New York City 7 January 1946).

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