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Dick Foran, Actor, John Nicholas Foran, (USA, 1910-1979).

Bryan Forbes, Actor; John Theobald Clark (Stratford, London 22 July 1926).

Shine Forbes, Boxer and navy hospital cook; Kermit Forbes (USA 1916-2000).

Betty Ford, Former First Lady, Elizabeth Ann Bloomer, (USA, 1918).

Dean Ford, Singer; Thomas McAleese (Glasgow 5 September 1946).

Faith Ford, Actor; Alexis Ford (Alexandria, Louisiana 14 September 1964).

Ford Madox Ford, Author, Ford Madox Hueffer, (England, 1873-1939).

Frankie Ford, Singer;. Francis Guzzo (Gretna, Louisiana 4 August 1939).

Gerald R. Ford, US President, Leslie Lynch King, Jr. (Nebraska, USA 1913). Renamed Gerald Rudolph Ford at age 2, after his mother divorced and remarried.

Glen Ford, Actor; Gwyllyn Samuel Newton Ford (Sainte-Christine, Quebec, Canada 1 May 1916).

Harrison J. Ford, Actor; Harrison Ford (Chicago, Illinois 13 July 1942). Used 'J.' in early movies to avoid confusion with silent Actor Harrison Ford.

Henry Ford, Automobile manufacturer; Henry Ford (USA, 1863-1947).

John Ford, Film Director, Sean Aloysius O'Feeney, or O'Fearna (Cape Elizabeth, Maine 1 February 1895 - 31 August 1973).

Mary Ford, Singer; Iris Colleen Summers (Pasadena, California 7 July 1924 - 30 September 1977). Shorter name (to match his!) reputedly selected from a telephone book by her husband, Les Paul.

Paul Ford, Actor; Paul Ford Weaver (Baltimore, Maryland 2 November 1901 - 12 April 1976). Suffered for years as Sergeant Bilko's Colonel Hall.

Wallace Ford, Actor; Samuel Jones Grundy (Bolton, Lancashire 12 February 1898 - 11 June 1966).

Whitey Ford, Baseball pitcher; Edward Charles Ford (New York City 21 October 1928).

C S Forester, Author; Cecil Scott Forester born Cecil Lewis Troughton Smith (Cairo, Egypt 27 August 1989 - 2 April 1966).

George Formby, Music hall performer and film actor; George Hoy Booth (Wigan, Lancashire 26 May 1904 - 6 March 1961).

Allan Forrest, Actor, silent movies, Allan Forrest Fisher, (USA, 1885-1941).

George Forrest, Songwriter, George Forrest Chichester (USA 1915-99).

Helen Forrest, Singer, Helen Fogel (USA 1917-1999).

Nathan Forrest, Soldier; Nathan Bedford Forrest (Chapel Hill, Tennessee 13 July 1821 - 29 October 1877).

Steve Forrest, Actor; William Forrest Andrews (Hutsville, Texas 29 September 1924). Brother of Dana Andrews

E.M. Forster, Writer; Edward Morgan Forster (London 1 January 1879 - 7 June 1970).

Robert Forster, Actor, Robert Foster, (USA, 1941).

Bruce Forsyth, Entertainer; Bruce Joseph Forsyth-Johnson (Edmonton, London 22 February 1928).

John Forsythe, Actor, John Lincoln Freund (USA, 1918).

Andrew Foruseth, Labour leader/reformer, Anders Andreassen (Norway, 1854-1938).

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