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Joe Foss, Air ace; Joseph Jacob Foss (Sioux Falls, South Dakota 17 April 1915 - 1 January 2003).

Jacko Fossett, Circus and variety artiste; Robert George John Francis Fossett (Hull, Yorkshire 11 November 1922 - 1 June 2004).

James Fossett, Adventurer, James Stephen Fossett (Jackson, Tennessee 22 April 1944 - c. 3 September 2007).

Jodie Foster, Actor; Alicia Christian Foster (USA, 1962).

Phil Foster, Actor; Fivel Feldman (New York, New York 29 March 1914 - 8 July 1985).

John Fowles, Novelist; John Robert Fowles (1926).

Douglas Fowley, Actor; Daniel Vincent Fowley (The Bronx, New York 30 May 1911 -21 May 1998).

Curly Fox, Country singer and fiddler; Arnim Leroy Fox (Graysville, Tennessee 11 November 1910 - 10 November 1995). Married and sang with Texas Ruby.

Huckleberry Fox, Actor; George Miller Fox (Los Angeles, California 6 October 1974).

James Fox, Actor; William Fox. (London 19 May 1939). Brother of Edward Fox.

Jorja Fox, Actor; Jorja-An Fox (New York City, New York 7 July 1968).

Michael J. Fox, Actor, Michael Andrew Fox (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 1961).

Sam Fox, Model and singer; Samantha Karen Fox (London, 15 April 1966).

Samantha Fox, Adult film actor, Stasia Therese Angela Micula, (USA, 1951).

Jamie Foxx, Actor, comedian; Eric Bishop (Terrell, Texas 13 December 1967).

Redd Foxx, Television Comedian, John Sanford, (USA, 1922-1991).

Eddie Foy, Entertainer, Edwin Fitzgerald, (USA, 1856-1928).

AJ Foyt, Racing driver; Anthony Joseph Foyt (Houston, Texas 16 January 1935).

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