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Fiddy, Cartoonist, Roland John Fiddy, (England 1931-1999).

Chelsea Field, Actor, Kim Botfield, (USA, 1957).

Sally Field, Actor, Sally Mahoney (USA, 1946). She is the daughter of actor Margaret Field Mahoney and Richard Field, and was adopted by Jock Mahoney.

Todd Field, Actor, William Todd Field, (USA, 1964).

Harold Fielding, Theatrical producer; Harold Lewis Fielding (Woking, Surrey 4 December 1914 - 27 September 2003).

Benny Fields, Vaudeville/Actor, Benjamin Geisenfeld, (USA, 1884-1959).

Debbi Fields, Entrepeneur; née Debra Jane Sivyer (Oakland, California
18 September 1956).

Dame Gracie Fields, Singer & comedian; Grace Stansfield (Rochdale, Lancashire, England 9 January 1898 - 27 September 27, 1979).

Kim Fields, Actor; Kim Fields Freeman (Los Angeles 12 May 1969).

Lew Fields, Vaudeville comedian (Weber& Fields), Moses Shanfield, (USA, 1867-1941).

Totie Fields, Entertainer; Sophie Feldman (Hartford, Connecticut 7 May 1930 - 2 August 1978).

W.C.Fields, Comedian, William Claude Dukinfield (1879-1946). Some sources say Dukenfield.

50 Cent, Rapper; Curtis Jackson (Jamaica, Queens, New York 6 July 1976).

Peter Finch, Actor, Frederick George Peter Ingle-Finch, (London 28 September 1912 - 14 January 1977).

Jeanna Fine, Porn actor; Jennifer Payson (New York 29 September 1964). According to some sources, Jeanna was born Angel (or Angelique) Gauthier, changing her name on her mother's remarriage.

Larry Fine, Actor; Louis Feinberg (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 5 October 1902 - 24 January 1975). An original in the Three Stooges.

Sticky Fingaz, Rapper and actor; Kirk Jones (Mississauga, Ontario 3 November 1973).

Fiona, Singer; Fiona Flanagan (New Jersey 13 September 1961).

Linda Fiorentino, Actor. Clorinda Fiorentino, (USA, 1960).

Jenna Fischer,

Regina Marie Fischer
Fort Wayne, Indiana 7 March 1974

Jenna Fischer, Actor; Regina Marie Fischer

Fish, Singer; Derek William Dick (Dalkeith, Scotland 25 April 1958). Ex Marillion frontman.

Bud Fisher, Cartoonist (Mutt & Jeff), Harry Conway Fisher, (USA, 1884-1954).

Carrie Fisher, Actor; Carrie Frances Fisher (Beverly Hills 21 October 1956); Princess Leia in "Star Wars".

Dorothy Fisher, Author, Dorothea Frances Canfield, (USA, 1879-1958).

Eddie Fisher, Singer; Edwin Jack Fisher (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 10 August 1928).

Shug Fisher, Actor; George Clinton Fisher (Spring Creek, Oklahoma 26 September 1907 - 16 March 1984).

John Fiske, Philosopher/historian, Edmund Fiske Green, (USA, 1842-1901).

Minnie Fiske, Actor; Marie Augusta Davey (New Orleans 30 December 1865 - 15 February 1932).

Barry Fitzgerald, Stage/Actor; William Joseph Shields (Ireland, 1888-1961).

Michael Fitzmaurice, Actor; Michael Fitzmaurice-Kelly (Chicago, Illinois 28 April 1908 - 31 August 1966).

Fannie Flagg, Actor; Patricia Neal (Birmingham Alabama 21 September 1944).

Bud Flanagan, Comedian, Chaim Reuben Weintrop (London, 1896 - 1968). Half of 'Flanagan and Allen', English music hall comedy act. His autobiography suggests he was intended to be 'Chaim Reeven Weintrop'. The Registrar couldn't make out the accent, hence it became Robert Winthrop.
During the first World War he came up against a particularly nasty Sergeant Major Flanagan and he vowed that if he ever got out of it all alive he make his name a laughing stock - and that's how he became Bud Flanagan."

Grandmaster Flash, Hip hop pioneer; Joseph Saddler (Barbados 1 January 1958).

Flea, Musician; Michael Balzary (Melbourne 16 October 1962). Bassist, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Mick Fleetwood, Musician; Michael John Kells Fleetwood (Redruth, Cornwall 24 June 1942).

Art Fleming, Television Host; Arthur Fleming Fazzin (New York, New York 1 May 1924 - 25 April 1995).

Edward Fleming, Movie/director/actor, Fleming Moller, (Denmark, 1924-1992).

Rhonda Fleming, Actor; Marilyn Louis (USA, 1923).

Cliff Fletcher, Baseball/Football Executive, George Clifford Fletcher, (Canada, 1935).

Lil' Flip, Rapper; Wesley Eric Weston (Houston, Texas). Also known as the Freestyle King, Leprechaun.

Fonty Flock, Auto racer; Truman Fontell (Fort Payne, Alabama 21 March 1921 - 15 July 1972).

Flo-Jo, Athlete, also known as Florence Griffith-Joyner; Delorez Florence Griffith (Los Angeles, California 21 December 1959 - 21 September 1998).

Flying Dutchman, Sailor, doomed to sail forever; Captain Hendrik van der Decken, who (legend tells us) resolved to sail around the Cape of Good Hope even if he had to keep sailing until doomsday. (17th century).

Errol Flynn, Actor, Leslie Thomson Flynn, (Australia, 1909-1959).

Robb Flynn, aka Robert Flynn, Guitarist and singer; Lawrence Matthew Cardine (Oakland, California 19 July 1968).

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