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Paracelsus, Alchemist, physician and astrologer; Theophrastus Philippus Aureolus Bombastus von Hohenheim (Einsiedeln, Switzerland 11 November or 17 December 1493 - 24 September 1541).

Johnny Paris, Saxophonist; John Pocisk (Walbridge, Ohio 29 August 1940 - 1 May 2006).

Mica Paris, Singer; Michelle Wallen, aka Micha Wallen (London 27 April 1969).

Camilla Parker Bowles, Consort of Prince Charles; Camilla Shand (England, 1947).

Cecil Parker, Actor; Cecil Schwabe (England, 1897-1971).

Dorothy Parker, Writer and columnist; Dorothy Rothschild (USA, 1893-1967).

Eleanor Parker, Actor; Eleanor Jean Parker (Cedarville, Ohio 26 June 1922).

Fess Parker, Actor & Singer; Fess E. Parker Jr. (Fort Worth, Texas 16 August 1924). TV's Davy Crockett. The initial "E" stood for nothing but Fess adopted "Elisha".

Frank Parker, singer; Frank Ciccio (New York City, New York 1 July 1906).

Jean Parker, Actor; Lois Mae Green (Deer Lodge, Montana 11 August 1912 - 30 November 2005).

Nosey Parker, 71st (Second Anglican) Archbishop of Canterbury; Matthew Parker (Norwich, England 6 August 1504 - 17 May 1575).

Painless Parker, Dentist and dentistry entrepreneur; Edgar Rudolph Randolph Parker (Canada 1872 – 8 November 1952). Changed his name to Painless, when he was accused of false advertising.

Suzy Parker, Actor and model, was known in later life as Suzy Parker Dillman, but was born Cecelia Anne Renee Parker (Long Island, New York, 26 October 1933 - 3 May 2003).

Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley's manager; Andreas Cornelius van Kuijk aka Andrew Parker (26 June 1909 - 21 January 1997).

Trey Parker, Writer; Randolph Severn Parker III (Conifer, Jefferson County, Colorado 19 October 1969). Co-creator of South Park.

Dian Parkinson, TV Hostess; Dianna Lynn Batts (Camp LeJune North Carolina 30 November 1944).

Lar Park-Lincoln, Actor; née Laurie Jill Park (Dallas, Texas 12 May 1961).

Bert Parks, Actor and television host; Bert Jacobson (Atlanta, Georgia 30 December 1914 - 2 February 1992).

Larry Parks, Actor; Samuel Lawrence Klausman Parks (Olathe, Kansas 13 December 1914 - 13 April 1975).

Rosa Parks, Civil rights campaigner; née Rosa Louise McCauley (Tuskegee, Alabama 4 February 1913 - 24 October 2005).

Parkyakarkas, Comedian; Harry Einstein, also known as Harry Parke (Boston Massachusetts 6 May 1904 - 24 November 1958); Comedy foil for Eddie Cantor & Al Jolson (1930s); Father of Albert Brooks and Super Dave Osborne.

Julie Parrish, Television actor; Ruby Joyce Wilbar (USA, 1940).

Leslie Parrish, Actor; Marjorie Helen (Melrose, Massachusetts 13 March 1935).

Maxfield Parrish, Artist; Frederick Maxfield Parrish (Philadelphia, 25 July 1870 - 30 March 1966).

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