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Pocahontas, Native American famed as a "civilized savage"; She was born Matoaka (Werowocomoco, Virginia c. 1595 – March 1617), and was known as Rebecca Rolfe after conversion to Christianity.

Rossana Podestà, Actor; Carla Podesti (Tripoli, Libya 20 June 1934).

Too Poetic, Rapper; Anthony Berkeley (New York 1966 - 15 July 2001).

Buster Poindexter, Rock singer; David Johansen (Staten Island, New York 9 January 1950).

Roman Polanski, Film Director; Ramon Leibling (Paris, France 18 August 1933).

Pol Pot, Dictator, Saloth Sar (Cambodia 1925-1998).

Michael J. Pollard, Actor, Michael J. Pollack, (USA, 1939).

Pompey, Soldier and Triumvir; Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus (Picenum, Italy 106 - 28 September 48 BC).

Georges Pompidou, Statesman; Georges Jean Raymond Pompidou (France, 1911-1974).

Doc Pomus, Blues singer and songwriter; Jerome Solon Felder (Brooklyn, New York 27 January 1925- 14 March 1991).

Danny Ponce, Actor; Louis Daniel Ponce (Waltham, Massachusetts 4 September 1971).

Lily Pons, Opera singer; Alice Joséphine Pons (Draguignan, France 12 April 1898 - 13 February 1976).

E. I. du Pont, Founder of the chemical company; Eleuthère Irénée du Pont de Nemours (Paris, France 24 June 1771 - 31 October 1834).

Charles Ponzi, Fraud; Carlo Ponzi (Ravenna, Italy 3 March 1882 - 18 January 1949). Also used aliases, including Charles Ponei, Charles P. Bianchi and his forename vairied from Charles to Carl to Carlo.

Gene Pope, Businesman; Generoso Paul Pope, Jr. (USA 13 January 1927 - 3 October 1988).

Cedric Popkin, Gunner; Cedric Bassett Popkin (Sydney, Australia 1891-January 1968).

Sir Karl Popper, Fashionable Professor of Logic and Scientific Method; Karl Raimund Popper (Vienna, Austria 28 July 1902 - 17 September 1994, London).

Nyree Dawn Porter, Actor; Pseudonym of Ngaire Dawn Porter (Napier, New Zealand 22 January 1936 - 10 April 2002).

Sylvia Porter, Economist and journalist; née Sylvia Field Feldman (Patchogue, Long Island, New York 18 June 1913 - 6 June 1991).

Natalie Portman, Actor, Natalie Hershlag, (Jerusalem, Israel, 9 June 1981). FAQ - Spelling

Michael Portillo, Politician; Michael Denzil Xavier Portillo (Bushey, England 26th May 1953).

Parker Posey, Actor; Parker Christian Posey (Baltimore, Maryland 8 November 1968).

C W Post, Industrialist, Charles William Post (Springfield, Illinois 26 October 1854 - 9 May 1914). He developed Grape-Nuts.

Emily Post, Mistress of Etiquette; née Price (Baltimore, Maryland 3 October 1873 - 25 September 1960).

Markie Post, Actor, Marjorie Post, (USA, 1950).

Wiley Post, Aviator; Wiley Hardeman Post (Van Zandt County, Texas 22 November 1898 15 August 1935).

Gregory Potemkin, Soldier; Prince Grigory Aleksandrovich Potemkin-Tavricheski (Chizhovo, Smolensk, Russia 11 October 1739 - 16 October 1791).

Chaim Potok, Author and Rabbi; Herman Harold Potok (Bronx, New York 17 February 1929 - 23 July 2002).

The Pottawatomie Giant, Heavyweight Boxer; Jess Willard (Pottawatomie County, Kansas 29 December 1881 - 15 December  1968). Inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame 2003.

Beatrix Potter, Author; Helen Beatrix Potter (West Brompton, London 28 July 1866).

Monica Potter, Actor; née Monica Louise Brokaw (Cleveland, Ohio 30 June 1971).

Peter Potter, Actor and radio host; William Mann Moore (Oklahoma 14 April 1905 - 7 April  1983).

Ezra Pound, Poet; Ezra Weston Loomis Pound (Hailey, Idaho 1885-1972, Venice).

CCH Pounder, Actor; Carol Christine Hilaria Pounder (Georgetown, Guyana 25 December 1952).

Jerry Pournelle, Fascist author; Jeremia Eugene Pournelle (Shreveport, Louisiana 7 August 1933).

Maury Povich, Television host; Maurice Richard Povich (Washington, DC 17 January 1939).

Cozy Powell, Drummer; Colin Flooks (Cirencester, England 29 December 1947 - 5 April 1998).

Dick Powell, Dick Powell, Actor, singer, director; Richard Ewing Powell (Mountain View, Arkansas 14 November 1904 - 3 January 1963).

Eleanor Powell, Actor and dancer; Eleanor Torrey Powell (Springfield, Massachusetts  21 November  1912 - 11 February 1982).

Jane Powell, Actor, Pseudonym of Suzanne Burce (not a misprint!), (Portland, Oregon 1 April 1929).

William Powell, Actor; William Horatio Powell (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 29 July 1892 - 5 March 1984).

Tyrone Power Sr., Silent Actor, Frederick Tyrone Edmund Power, (England, 1869-1931).

Tyrone Power, Actor, Frederick Tyrone Edmund Power Jr.,(USA, 1914-1958).

Tyrone Power Jr. Actor, Tyrone William Power IV, (USA, 1959).

Stefanie Powers, Actor, Stefania Zofija Federkiewicz, (USA,1942).

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