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Perez Prado, Bandleader and composer; Dámaso Pérez Prado (Matanzas, Cuba 11 December 1916 - 14 September 1989).

Terry Pratchett, Author; Terry Pratchett [probably] (England, 1948).

Otto Preminger, Film director; Otto Ludwig Preminger (Vienna, Austria 5 December 1906 - 23 April 1986).

Paula Prentiss, Actor, Paula Ragusa, (USA, 1939).

Elvis Presley, Singer; Elvis Aaron Presley (Tupelo, Mississippi, 8 January 1935 - 16 August 1977). FAQ - Spelling

Gladys Presley, Elvis' mother; Gladys Love Smith (Pontotoc County, Mississippi 25 April 1912 - 14 August 1958).

Priscilla Presley, Actor (widow of Elvis), Priscilla Beaulieu (adopted by her stepfather after her mother remarried) born Priscilla Ann Wagner, (Brooklyn, New York 24 May 1945).

Johnny Preston, Country singer; John Preston Courville (Port Arthur, Texas 18 August 1939).

Kelly Preston, Actor, Kelly Palzis, (USA, 1962).

Robert Preston, Actor, Robert Preston Meservey, (The Music Man), (USA, 1918-1987).

Terry Preston, Singer; Ferlin Husky, also known as Tex Terry and Tex Preston (Cantwell, Missouri 3 December 1927).

Diane Pretty, Chef and human rights campaigner; née Diane Elizabeth Jones (London 15 November 1958 - 11 May 2002). Lived and died with motor neurone disease, fought to be allowed to die naturally.

André Previn, Conductor and composer; Andreas Ludwig Priwin (Berlin 6 April 1929).

Dory Previn, Singer and songwriter; née Dorothy Veronica Langan (Rahway, New Jersey 22 October 1925). Also known as Dory Langdon, Dory Previn Shannon, Dory Shannon; she was formerly Mrs. André Previn.

Leontyne Price, Opera singer; Mary Violet Leontyne Price (Laurel, Mississippi 10 February 1927).

Ray Price, Country singer; Noble Ray Price (Perryville,Texas 12 January 1926).

Vincent Price, Actor; Vincent Leonard Price Jr. (St. Louis, Missouri 27 May 1911 - 25 October 1993).

JB Priestly, Author; John Boynton Priestley (Bradford, West Yorkshire 13 September 1894 - 14 August 1984).

Prince, The Artist Formerly Known As, Rock star; Prince Rogers Nelson (Minneapolis, Minnesota, 7 June 1958). Not so much a pseudonym, more a pseudo-existentialist statement.

TAFKAP may have changed his name back to Prince - "The Artist Formerly Known As The Artist Formerly Known As Prince", aka TAFKATAFKAP

Not Squiggle or Symbol, but TAFKAP

Princess, Singer; Desiree Heslop (England 28 November 1962).

Victoria Principal

Concettina Ree Principale

Fukuoka, Japan, 3 January 1946

Victoria Principal

Aileen Pringle, Silent and talkies Actor, Aileen Brisbee, (USA, 1895-1989).

Freddie Prinze, Comedian; Frederick Karl Pruetzel (New York 1954 - 1977).

P. J. Proby, Singer; James Marcus Smith (Houston, Texas 6 November 1938).

Renee Props, Actor and DJ; Babette Renee Props (Oklahoma 15 February 1962).

Marcel Proust, Novelist; Valentin Louis Georges Eugene Marcel Proust (Auteuil, France 10 July 1871 - 18 November 1922).

Jeanne Pruett, Country singer; Norma Jean Pruett née Bowman (Pell City, Oklahoma 30 January 1937).

Jonathan Pryce, Actor; Jonathan Price (Holywell, Wales 1 June 1947).

Charles Puffy, Silents and Talkies Actor, Karoly Huszar, (Hungary, 1884-1942).

"Chesty" Puller, Lieutenant General USMC, Lewis Burwell Puller (26 June 1898 - 11 October 1971). Rose from ranks to Lieutenant General; won five Navy Crosses.

Tito Puente, Musician; Ernesto Antonio Puente, Jr. (Harlem, New York 20 April 1923 - 1 June 2000).

Big Punisher, Rapper; Christopher Rios (USA 1971-2000).

Sarah Purcell, Television host; (Richmond, Indiana 8 October 1948).

Bobby Purify, Singer; Robert Lee Dickey (Tallahassee, Florida 2 September 1939). Half of James and Bobby Purify; they were cousins.

Puyi, Xuantong Emperor of China 1908-1924; Aisin-Gioro Puyi ( 7 February 1906 - 17 October 17, 1967). Also known as Aixinjueluo Puyi and The Last Emporer.

Denver Pyle, Actor; Denver Dell Pyle (Bethune, Colorado11 May 1920 - 25 December 1997).

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