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Pa  Par  Parsons  Pe  Pep  Ph  Pi  Po  Pr

Gram Parsons, Country Rock musician; Cecil Ingram Connor III (Winter Haven, Florida 5 November 1946 - 19 September 1973), renamed by his mother on her remarriage.

Louella Parsons, Columnist; Louella Oettinger (USA, 1893-1972).

Dolly Parton, Singer; Dolly Rebecca Parton (Sevierville, Tennessee 19 January 1946).

La Pasionara, Communist agitator and politician; Dolores Gomez Ibarrori (Spain, 1895-1989).

Boris Pasternak, Author; Boris Leonidovich Pasternak (Moscow, Russia 10 February 1890 – 30 May 1960).

Tony Pastor, Bandleader; Antonio Pestritto (Middletown, Connecticut 26 October 1907 – 31 October 1969).

Mandy Patinkin, Actor; Mandel Patinken (USA, 1952).

Sir Angus Paton, Engineer (The Kariba Dam); Thomas Angus Lyall Paton (Jersey, 1905-99).

Jason Patric, Actor; Jason Patric Miller Jr. (USA, 1966).

Butch Patrick, Actor; Patrick Allan Lilley (Los Angeles, California 2 August 1953).

Gail Patrick, Actor;Margaret LaVelle Fitzpatrick (USA, 1911-1980).

Nigel Patrick, Actor; Nigel Dennis Wemyss (London 2 May 1913 - 21 September 1981).

George S. Patton, General and Olympic Athlete; George Smith Patton Jr. (San Gabriel, California 11 November 1885 - 21 December 1945); Nicknamed "Old Blood-and Guts".

Paul, Singer (of Paul & Paula); Ray Hildebrand (Joshua, Texas 21 December 1940).

Adrian Paul, Television Actor; Adrian Paul Hewett (England, 1959).

Billy Paul, Singer; Paul Williams (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1 December 1934).

Les Paul, Singer, and inventor of the electric guitar; Lester William Polfuss (Waukesha, Wisconsin 9 June 1915). Married Mary Ford.

Lyn Paul, Singer; Lynda Susan Belcher (Manchester, England 16 February 1949).

P R Paul, Actor; Paul Ray Rosenbaum (New York City 28 July 1956).

Paula, Singer (of Paul & Paula); Jill Jackson (McCaney, Texas 20 May 1942).

Jane Pauley, Television interviewer and anchor; Margaret Jane Pauley (USA, 1950).

Pat Paulsen, Comedian, Patrick Layton Paulsen (South Bend, Washington 6 August 1927 - 24 April 1997).

Marisa Pavan, Actor; Marisa Pierangeli (Cagliari, Sardinia 19 June 1932).

Johnny Paycheck, Country singer; Donald Eugene Lytle, (Greenfield, Ohio 31 May 1937).

Ivan Pavlov, Psychologist; Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (Ryazan, Russia 14 September 1849 – 27 February 1936).

Cecil Payne, Saxophonist; Cecil McKenzie Payne (Brooklyn, New York 22 December 1922 - 27 November 2007).

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